Something to remember: People will hate a series because of a ship. Just saying. They really will.

“I don’t hate it because my ship didn’t happen. I hate it because–”

No. A ship is probably behind it. It makes them have a bitter disposition and they pick apart other things to rationalize the fact they are mad or sad over their ship. Even subconsciously. Because it’s hard to like a series where you feel that glaring thing that doesn’t fit in your perceived range of a “good.” Every. Single. Fandom. Does this. It’s like people who say “I don’t gossip.” You know that shit ain’t true. Everybody gossips.

“Inconsistent” tends to mean character development btw. People grow.

So, before you guys start getting worried over Empire of Storms, read it.

Also, a thing to note: Sarah J. Maas probably knew very well she was going to get hate. Very well, I’m sure she knew. She was prepared and she is a Queen. Throw her your love anyway though.

What heppened at Reading was awful and I’m so worried about Tyler and Josh and so pissed at everyone there but y'all need to stop blaming the uk clique, or the clique in general bc it happened at a festival, not at a tour show. A festival where thousands of teenagers and grow ass men get drunk and high and act like fucking animals and I just think it’s unfair to blame it on a community that have been so supporting of them. And yes, the clique is not perfect but y'all need to calm down and think a little about the concept of a festival before start to point the finger at each other

hi hey hello, it’s your friendly, neighborhood erika.
despite summertime & it’s promise of bringing the dash back to life, it’s still as incredibly dead as it was at the beginning of the summer, if not even more so.

if you are an ACTIVE RP BLOG willing to role play with a pokemon oc (who has additional verses outside the pokeworld), could you please LIKE / REBLOG this post for me?

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So i’ve been thinking about the fma x pokemon crossover for months now and i finally kicked myself to doodle some trainers. if you wanna know more about this AU maybe check out this list with (most of the) fma characters and their teams, some explanations and a little bit of worldbuilding~