You know what I need
I need a Hunger Games prequel
I want to know how the country was split onto districts
Why people took orders from the capital
I want to know about how the first rebellion happened
I want to know about the first hunger games
I want to learn how everything began
How the districts all started
And where is the rest of the world?

I wasn’t always a fan of Karin. I went from disliking her to being neutral towards her to kind of liking her but not really caring.

But after this last chapter I truly saw who she was and it made me respect the living fuck out of her. She deserves the world and it’s heartbreaking to see her pain.

But props to her. She’s a good ass person and she thankfully avoided getting fucking destroyed by the ending. She needs to stick with the people that love her. Not a shitty fucking friend like Sakura who would so easily tape her own face over the woman who fucking DELIVERED HER CHILD.