srsly wtf is wrong with you people

You know what’s something I really don’t understand?

All over instagram, even on youtube, you see men/women (yes both- “internet famous” and not-) showing us the art of contouring, how you can change the shape/bridge of your nose, even draw on cheek bones or manipulate your bone structure, but when it comes to Michael Jackson, people act so damn foolish. Like how did this man put UP with this shit. Michael Jackson was a CELEBRITY. He contoured just like Kim K or those insta models or those youtube make up artists. Like, you think he got plastic surgery one day that made his cheeks bones pop, then the next day like… UN DID it? You see those contour before/after pics on people on twitter all the time? The man used contour kits. Like look at contour pics before/after of ANYONE just on like, twitter. The highlighting and illuminizing. Like …. That’s what Michael Jackson did….You see a pic of MJ with heavy contour and a pic with him caught without any the NEXT day and you say plastic surgery like he up'ed and UN DONE it and DID the surgery again….Man. They never let him live. 

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You're all so ignorant, 5H had like a hand ful of good live performances and C only had amazing live performances since she went solo ... I still support 5H (yes you can love both) but it's ridiculous to hate on C's performances because they WERE ALL REALLY AMAZING, LIKE WTF IS WRONG WITH SOME ANONS HERE SRSLY ...

Sis most people don’t even care enough about her to look at her performances. Y’all need to chill. I’m sick of C asks, especially when they come from C stans who whine because some people don’t like her gig.

Reading the first 60+ pages of A Court of Mist and Fury..
  • 10 pages in: Oh poor baby Feyre. She's got obvious sights of PTSD. Her time Under The Mountain is really taking a toll on her.
  • 20 pages in: Oh good Cauldron, why is everything so steamy and sexual. I can't. Halp. Breaaaatttthhhheeee.
  • 30 pages in: Why is Tamlin being such an insensitive prick?? Srsly. I mean, Feyre is practically hurling her gut outs every night in the same f*cking room and you don't hear it?? You can't be bothered to wake up and at least hold her hair up??
  • 40 pages in: Who dafuq is this Iante person?? She feels weird. I have weird vibes from her. Uck. I don't trust her one bit.
  • 50 pages in: OMG WTF IS WRONG WITH EVERYONE. Can't you at least notice how Feyre is suffering almost every time something triggers her?? Esp Tamlin, of all people. Are you seriously so blind that you can't see how uncomfortable she is with what you are forcing her to do?????? UGHHH... OHHH.. RHYSAND'S FINALLY HERE. THANK CAULDRON!!
  • 60 pages in: I want to live in the Night Court! Why is this court so high-fashion AF?! Oh.. and I am so totally on board the Feyrhys/Feysand ship. I mean, the guy is offering to teach her to read!! Something she is so insecure about. How can you not be moved by that?? Tamlin can just go eff himself.
  • --------------------
  • I have so many feels throughout just a few chapters. Sorry.

Dear Julie Plec, stop making Klaus care for every freaking female in New Orleans…
wtf happened to this?

The only exception is THIS:

It’s like you totally forgot how Klaus was in TVD -.-
You are trying so hard to make people forget about Klaroline, but you are failing miserably .. nothing will EVER top this:

Srsly, get your shit together ffs


having hit 500 509 followers (wtf srsly) i decided to make a follow forever! i have no idea what i’m doing, hence the really bad graphic. but! i know so many rad people on tumblr, and i want everyone to know who they are! plus some really cool blogs that you can’t go wrong with heck yeah.

i feel like there should be something philosophical and poignant here, or something, but everything just sounds really cliché, heck. i still don’t understand why so many people are here, but thank you!

some mutuals, as well as faves and rad people i talk to (and who you all should follow)! (also feel free to check out my blogroll <3)

p.s. thank you too the-united-bloody-kingdom also for being the awesome aph england cosplayer in the first graphic (i hope you don’t mind me using it beth)!

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My daughter called me and went on a rant about anti-Reylo shippers on tumblr, so I had to check it out for myself. I don’t ship it, but she does, and what I found made me facepalm.

So many of these antis must be completely new to fandom of any sort. Every fandom has its “problematic” ships, many of them far worse than Reylo – Hannigram, anyone? I ship the hell out of it, but yeah, looked at from the lense of reality, it’s horrific. Each fandom is chock-full of ships like that, yet somehow Reylo is terrible? I imagine these antis clutching their pearls on the other side of the screen. Just…what? I actually saw a post where the person said that all Reylo should be password-protected on a personal blog, because we need to “protect young girls”.

Are. You. Fucking. Kidding. Me?

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You know, I’m really tired of this wank about Tony Stark either being the “purest cinnamon roll that ever existed” or “literal human filth worse than Hitler”.

Like wtf man. You’re both wrong.

He’s more like a stale cinnamon roll someone dropped on the floor but it’s still delicious.

It’s okay to like a character who isn’t perfect. Why would you even want a character that IS perfect? How is that interesting? 

And on the other hand if someone is less than perfect it doesn’t make them the worst person that ever lived? Like what the fuck is wrong with u if you think this way??

I don’t even understand people on this site srsly.