srsly why do i keep doing these things

so basically what happened w/ taehyung was
- he forgot his bag
- someone from the crew picked it up, without him knowing
- he was lowkey stressin and he told the group about it
- but they couldnt go back for it bc they had to get on the train!!
- one of the crew guys told namjoon that he had the bag, but they organised a joke or whatever and namjoon pretended to call the embassy
- namjoon’s fake phone call was flawless lmaO
- taehyung was looking deep.. and solemn… and sad…. AKSKDJXJ
- they were all kind of teasing him and got pretend-annoyed that they’d have to go make him a new passport and stuff (it went fAr)
- and eventually he got really mad and he was like FINE i’ll just leAVE
- and he walked off
- but turns out he previously had walked off to go to the bathroom probs and ran into the crew member and he was like,, bro,, halfway through i could see what they were doing
- “i dont have big eyes for no reason i can see everything they’re doing”
- so yeah from then he had known that his bag already was found
- so he got mad on purpose HAHA
- they all had a nice laugh afterwards