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This blog is barely 1 month old, I’m a little shocked. This is srsly way more than I’d ever imagine ((where did you guys came from lmao xD)) Thank you so much for all your support! I couldn’t have done it without you ///


“Where are my shin-pads” - an epic and thrilling tale featuring Lukas Podolski

im sorry this is a rant

okokok so i know there was some really shitty decisions made with aou (see: whedon directing) but…. i dont know where people are getting the “natasha said she’s a monster cause she cant have babies” from????

bruce brought up the whole “this relationship would be unfair to you - if nothing else i cant give you children” because he is a self deprecating idiot and he thinks that tash wouldnt want a relationship if she cant have babies and that he cant have babies because hes a monster right

so tash explains that she cant have babies, and explains why - because she was raised to be a killing machine, babies would be a distraction - the “whos the monster” line is referring to the fact that her ability to have kids was removed so she could kill people without distraction not ‘i cant have kids so im a monster’ srsly where did you guys get that

tl;dr: tash thinks she is a monster cause she was raised to kill, she doesnt think she is a monster because she cant have kids


Hey guys I finally managed to hit 1k followers and just wanted to say thanks for following me. I’ve had the chance to talk to a lot of cool people on here I never even imagined I would’ve met. This is a little late since I’ve been sick, but without further ado I present to you a list of blogs whose content I thoroughly enjoy.  they are all weebs still tho


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