srsly u guise are like anti bullying but then you do this

’“oooh u reblog pictuRES U THInk aRE pRETTY HAhaHAHah  lOO l HipSTERRR”

“u LIKe CoFFEe ? /?? AND U DYE ur HaiR ?? / WoW WAIt U MuST BE A hIPSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!1 ahAHHAhAH XD”

“I bEt NONE oF THE hIPSTErs KNOW thIS IS FrOm DoCTOR WHo !!! HAHhahHAhah\AHhHha WE’RE So FunY yY !!!”

“WoW hIpSTEr IS THew BAD sIDE of TumbLR HAHahHhAHh wE’Re HT eGOOD SIDE LO lOL OLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!”