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fic: your body is a triangle [ITH/DNH, U/V/R] [part 2/2]

chapter 2 of the Do No Harm/In The Heights OT3 thing.


srsly there is Explicit Sex in this so don’t @ me if you’re 12. there’s also some talk about past trauma/violence but not in too much detail. 

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The kiss was definitely a joke, and Ruben definitely doesn’t lie awake trying not to overthink it.

Despite the late night, he wakes as early as ever, and the temptation to just lie low and not visit the bodega for a few days almost wins out but for the fact that he knows that would just turn this into a big deal. Which it isn’t, because it’s definitely a joke.

He dawdles his way through getting dressed and gets to the store at around half seven, and Vanessa, for once, is already awake, though she doesn’t look particularly happy about it. She’s in her sneakers again so Usnavi is slightly taller, looking down at her adoringly while he tucks some of her still-ruffled hair behind her ear.

Ruben should’ve stayed in bed.

“Hey, there he is!” Usnavi has turned at the sound of the bell above the door, his face still lit with the residual affection from a moment before.

“Hi, Ruben,” says Vanessa, holding her arms out in expectation of her hug. Since going back to sleep to avoid having to deal with this is probably not an option at this point, he embraces her.

She kisses his cheek. Usnavi, a moment later, does the same.

What is happening?

They’re watching him, smiling but clearly trying to gauge his reaction, to see if they’ve crossed a line. He clears his throat and smiles back, small and very real. They relax. “Hey, Vanessa. Hey, Usnavi.”

What? It felt good. So sue him.

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ahmie-cat  asked:

I'm not sure if you know this fact already, but jungkook once said that if he passed a girl and heard a bell ringing, then he'd most likely marry her. He got the idea from the anime movie, your name. He said this in the new yang nam show. Haha, he's so funny. It just made me think of so many scenarios that would be really good. And I also thought of you because I feel like it really fits your writing style... Haha...

I SEE WHAT YOU’RE IMPLYING HERE HAHA.. I’ve actually gotten this quite a few times already and it makes me SO happy that so many of you would read a your name au from me (what an honor srsly ;_;) but I decided to pass the baton to others writers who I saw were planning on working on one. I don’t think tumblr needs so many your name aus and I’m sure others would do a better job with it :’’’D but it srsly makes me happy that you considered me ahhhh /heart eyes/

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i know you wrote it on your twitter but can you pls also write about the mmt ga issue on tumblr. bc its so so unfair that theyre gonna change it again. some ppl are working that day, some ppl are coming from far away and the ticket order and the line is the best way to keep things organized! ive srsly been trying to keep my cool bc mmt is doing so much for us na fans but come on... stick to one thing pls especially sense it makes the most sense. sorry if im ranting, but you get me right?

I feel you all the way.  I almost kind of feel for the staff at Mymusictaste even though I do feel some dissatisfaction with them due to the fact that relevant information is being passed down last minute to fans like this. Here we are 3 weeks away until their first stop in Dallas yet the organization of the fans attending the concert is a mess because of confusion and complaints from fans who actually feel entitled.

Basically for those who don’t know, fans have complained about how General Admission will work for the North American EXO fans. General Admission is basically the pitt where there are no seats, only standing room. However when we purchased tickets we got tickets that looks similar to this….

FLRGA stands for “FLOOR GENERAL ADMISSION” and then there is  our

ROW # and a seat #. There is also a Group # that was written on the tickets and so people became confused about it. 

It wasn’t until hours later after tickets went on sale when Mymusictaste declared that ENTRY INTO THE VENUE would happen by TICKET # ORDER. 

So this had left more fans confused and upset. Mymusictatse continued to slowly release information about how entry would work. So a week later (this week) after they posted an example on how entry would work, 

Some fans were displeased with this method and complained. Because of these complaints, Mymusictaste released this statement this morning…

So now, we’re left to vote on which method we  would like to enter into the venue. 


I’m mad about a couple of things about this whole ordeal to be honest. I’ll break it down in bullet points. 

  • I got to give some credit to Mymusictaste because American EXO-L’s haven’t been the nicest to deal with ever since the announcement of this tour. They have answered our questions, they’ve addressed specific issues, and have worked hard to accommodate fans who felt discontent with the “taste” situations and most currently the “VOTING FOR ENTRY METHOD”. They’ve seriously have done more right than any other Korean based promoter simply by addressing issues in a timely manner through statements. I feel bad for them because fans have been on their ass complaining.However they have dropped the ball in areas. I don’t feel like getting into all that because that is another rant to have. 
  • I feel like they should have stuck to their guns and not put this up to a vote. Consistency makes for assurance. Right now, I’m not assured this will be the best concert experience for me because Mymusictaste is simply trying to please/accomodate everyone. I mean they can only do so much but organization is key and I feel like the method they have suggested is organized, it just needs a strictly detailed explanation.
  • The First Come First Serve method will likely end up in kayos/peoplefighting/etc. EXO is already a group that is loved by a lot of fangirls and I already know what type of crowd/people will be there. Teens knocking each other down just to get CHANYEOL OPPA to wink at them lol. I mean I know the thirst is real but it’s not worth fighting someone and potentially harming someone. 
  • The method that mymusictatste is trying to introduce to us has solely been consistent at every stop during the EXOluxion concerts in Asia. Just because they are in America, it doesn’t mean they have to cater to our demands. SM are the ones bringing this show to us, so we should be able to follow their guidelines and abide to them without complaints. ENTRY by ticket # is a method that is proven to have worked and it’s a method in which SM/Mymusictaste is actually considering our own safety because they know that the fangirls thirst for EXO is fukking real and that they are capable of being unruly and unjust when it comes to queing in line or finding a spot to watch the show. So why do some fans feel compelled that this won’t work? If you can’t make it work then apparently you should have bought an ACTUAL SEAT? 

There is a saying, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 

Ticket # Entry has it’s flaws, yes it does but so does FCFS. I just think we should consider the good and the bad of each.

Personally I care about my health, and I deeply care about my safety. I’m flying all the way across the country for this concert and I would like to return back home without a scratch and a cold lol.