srsly though in the next life

I had to colour this >.<

Im glad the last conversation sinbad had before going to the palace was with jafar. Since they understand each other so well and it was also great to see Ja’far finally speak up and express his thoughts since for the majority of this final arc his been silent, sitting in the background observing. Even though he is one of the few characters whose played a large role in sinbad’s life. Too bad sin’s ego is larger than the universe. srsly he never listens and he never learns either :’(. Oh well so long as he lives by the end cause he deserves happiness and so does Ja’far.

Imagine Ja’fars reaction the next morning when he realizes Sinbad has vanished. His probably gonna slap him the next time they meet. Not gonna lie another scene like what happened in the slave arc would be pretty good.

So long as there alive by the end >.< :/ :’(