srsly tho what am i doing

Clever Girl! (that’s what I named my Velocidrome, btw)

I spent way too much time on the details in this one. LIKE HOLY McCRAPSKI, ALL THE DETAILS. I swear, I have not closed GIMP in probably 2 weeks. Was it worth it? I think so. I am really happy with how this turned out, and I learned a lot doing it. It almost looks like I painted it with a tablet, instead of with never-ending mouse clicks *chuckles awkwardly while suppressing true feelings*

But seriously, Monster Hunter Stories looks SO good! Haven’t had that much fun with a demo since Bravely Default. Come to think of it, I haven’t drawn fanart from the hype of a demo alone since Bravely Default, either! Nintendo, if you’re listening: you keep giving me quality demos and you’ll probably keep getting my money!

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dear naya are you ready for another long post of jikook lol anw~ i wanna hear your take on all of yesterday's jikook shenanigans, from the way jiminnie seems to ignore kook practically flirting on him onstage; to the selca that i don't know why it seems so much Tension going on beneath it bcs what's with their expressionless faces tho & lastly how kook practically crashed on jinmin's vlive srsly i smell kook's possessiveness miles away, i see you satellite-jeon i see you but moreover i think (1)

kook is more all over jimis these past few days, omg it seems something happened between them two, something important. something significant to their relationship’s progress ;~; thinking about jikook could seriously make me frustrated /sighs/ anw~ good day ^-^ 

Vinda, hon, I am always ready for long jikook posts. I hope you’re doing well!!

Alright, so I think it was @jiminpoppins who had said that Japan seems to hold a special place in Jungkook and Jimin’s heart and I agree with that sentiment whole heartedly. Jungkook was so fucking affectionate and touchy-feely with Jimin yesterday and I think Jimin somewhat distancing himself from him on stage was his way of saying “Babe, I love you to the moon and back but holy shit if you keep this up you’re going to get us in trouble.” I mean Jungkook literally said “Fuck it.”, the boy was not playing the subtly game in the slightest. Look at this shit. It’s incredible, it truly is. 

When Jungkook crashed the V-live, I think a part of it was possessiveness but a big part of the reason for it was just that he wanted to spend time with Jimin. (I thought it was interesting how Jungkook, in the beginning, was more than willing to just lay in bed and watch them.) During that entire V-live, Jungkook had his usual heart eyes anytime he was gazing at Jimin, and Jimin kept staring at Jungkook through the camera, even going as far as sneaking glances by repeatedly switching the damn camera pov.  And although Jimin tried to teasingly act like he was annoyed with Jungkook being there, his smiles gave away just how happy he was about it. 

Honestly, there is something about Japan that turns both Jungkook and Jimin into sappy romantics. Last year we had some truly iconic moments between those two as well. Who could forget Jimin purposely getting Jungkook flustered by getting all up in his face? 

or the hug that wasn’t really a hug so much as it was them hovering in each other’s personal space. Remember the time Jungkook serenaded Jimin when they were singing For You and Jimin literally melted and could not stop continuously smiling while they were performing the song?? (This moment by the way is one of my all time favorite moments. My heart fucking expanded when I had first seen it.) When they did a V-live before a concert last year, they had a couple of really sweet moments during that too.

I think Japan is significant for them and although we don’t exactly know why I think it’s clear that whatever did occur is something that they both carry fondly in their hearts. 

*Bonus* Enjoy this gif of Jimin and Jungkook lovingly looking at each other while Jin awkwardly looks on.   

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Marga! I have this theory. Tell what you think. I was thoroughly monitoring Ty, Lucy, and Lauren's social media. After Camila tweeted something which translated as "What a mess" Lauren never interacted with Ty on social media anymore! But Ty the was hungry for it, He was like so fucking eager to make everybody know that she is dating Lauren. But she on the other hand looks like she is hiding her. If it is true. Either she is not proud of him or she is protecting some other person's feelings. 🙂

Very great observation you got right there. I srsly think that if it was true, Ty is the one trying so hard to make it work. I feel like Lauren is watching the commotion unfold on her face, and suddenly she doesn’t like it anymore so she stopped. Ty’s gonna get his heart broken soon. Imma bet you on it fam. But srsly tho Lucy is one hell of a game shifter, that girl knows what to do to shake what Lauren and Ty allegedly has. I am proud of her. Well Camila, our girl, got Lauren to stop in a single tweet so what does that say.

seventeen: *produces all their songs, choreographs all their songs, cooks their own food, styles their own hair, cleans their dorm, designs stickers for their shows, practices for 18 hours everyday, puts make-up on their faces by themselves, dOES EVERYTHING BY THEMSELVES TBH*

pledis: oh u out of toothpaste? sorry but we only got a few dollars bye
Don’t Panic

Technically this is a snippet from the future but I’m so giggly over it that I’ll post it now.

(Context: Izuku has had a certain epiphany and texts Kirishima for assistance.)

midoriya_izuku has started messaging kirishima_eijirou


>>what’s good my man


>>well I sure hope so


>>omg ur really panicking


>>u have feels for the prettiest boy in class
u have fallen and u can’t get up


>>no i dont blame u at all


>>bro calm down

i’m sorry I just

>>lol it’s cool. srsly tho what happened??
what changed?

>>nothing??? i just
oh god i’m so pathetic

>>no ur not u are a wonderful human being now spill



>>kirishima pls


>>i saw him laugh okay???
for real laugh! at something funny!

>>shut the front door

>>he smiled and he laughed and there was sunlight behind him and i am so screwed

>>only if u play ur cards right ;D wink wonk


>>lmao no i will never not
now you know what it’s like
to suffer


>>ahhh the song of our people

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that kaisoo pic where theyre standing with the A and ME shirts is so cute bc 'ame' is 'to love' in my language... aaaaa

!! anon you made me cry of feels 

like the word love=kaisoo

like ok but i srsly love this one

omg thanks for the new info anonnie and sorry these are the only pics i know that ame (love) is clearly spelled by the couple lol and what language do you speak tho??

bonus btw cause the word love is a kaisoo thing *sOBS*


after years and years of searching and thinking i could never fully ship law with anyone, i think i have finally found it 

like what the fuck why is this so romantic how could u do this to me

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srsly tho, your art is my favorite. it's like, there is nothing you can't do. thank you for being great and letting others see and enjoy your work and existing like i can only imagine how hard you had to work to get to this point thankyouthankyouthankyou

Anon: can I just say how wonderful your art is- frickin’ beautiful

Anon: Hey Sunny, I just wanted to say thank you for inspiring me to keep drawing no matter what. I have been following you for years now and I know that I wouldn’t be where I am now without you.


      JUST because muses do not get along, does NOT mean the muns cannot get along. If your muse hates someone else’s muse – Then so what?! It’s just RP. It’s just the muse being in character.

      Seriously – JUST because muse’s don’t get along does NOT mean that the muns can’t or do not get along. Get to know the other mun before jumping to such a conclusion! ; v;  

      Remember one of the big rules here; THE MUN IS NOT THE MUSE