srsly tho look at them


Always looking across to the other side. 


There was a colorstuck post but I don’t know where it went or who made it, and I can’t find the original post since they changed their tumblr name. So if you are the creator of these, please say so I may credit accordingly! I just didn’t want people to not see these like holy shit they’re amazing. o_o

Also the original posts when I reblogged these on my original izzydactyl blog were gone when I clicked on the original link. :c

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lol at people who want to see Louis wear things more like Harry because Harry has 'actual style'. Meanwhile I'm over here thinking of that Randy's Donuts hoodie that he literally always wears like yes, what a posh look indeed... (srsly tho can ppl just leave them both alone, I love their expensive ass clothes)

Oh my god, can you imagine if Louis was a repeat offender with a hoodie like that? People would make the rudest comments. Harry does have his Harry Styles™ look, but he definitely dresses down a lot too and loves to wear whatever the fuck he wants in his downtime, whether it’s the donut hoodie or four shirts layered over each other or his winter boots with athletic shorts or whatever. They both have expensive clothes and they both know how to dress well, but they also know their audience. Harry dresses one way when he’s being performer/actor Harry and another when he’s just being a normal dude. And Louis does his thing too, but people always seem to find something to complain about when it comes to his clothing. He wears designer clothes that fit the music scene he’s in and people complain, he color coordinates his casual looks and mixes pieces to make himself look fabulous even in sweatpants and a t-shirt and people complain, and on it goes. It’s so unnecessary and unfair because people don’t rip the other boys’ styles apart the way they do with Louis, and I know part of it is rejection of his unfair and inaccurate chavvy image, but a lot of the time, people seem to just be really classist and rude with their comments no matter what he’s wearing. Nothing is ever good enough for this fandom.

aaww the deleted scene from exo showtime episode 7 is so precious. they ate fortune cookies after the hotpot and luhan’s fortune cookie says something about him winning awards  and celebrating it with people he’s close with and everyone was like ‘hell yeah exo is gonna win award and we’re gonna celebrate!’ and then the next line was something abt luhan’s existence itself is the biggest award and chanyeol was like 'we are always awarded by luhan’s existence’ or something like that and everyone started cheering and clapping for luhan i honestly started tearing by then. It’s honestly the cutest thing because they are just so carefree and having fun by themselves, acknowledging each other’s strengths and strong points, cheering and laughing happily. where did all these go?