Guess who fell into the Owari no seraph hell just recently? … Yeah, late as always but … here I am. orz (Please, fandom! Don’t die too soon! I just arrived!)
Anyways! I’m not mad that I fell into that trap since this fandom has AMAZING fanfictions! Like … wtf?! My first …. “art” was inspired by the fanfic  “Rise of the Dragon“ by sarah737, hihazuki, crazyloststar, aly , which is, btw, indeed, a Avatar AU.

Brilliant idea, if I may say so XD
If you haven’t already, go read it! (but don’t expect to see Mika until … eh, yeah, just read it!)
I’m sorry if I missed the descriptions of their outfits, but I just tried to mash their original clothes and the avatar/ tribe specific style of clothing together. XD

It was quite fun to draw these but, omg, I really have to draw more. These are my first digital drawings in like forever … irgh. (And please, let’s not talk about the colouring or the anatomy … oh boy, but I get better! XD)