srsly this guy is killing me


moments ♥ twenty-second

The anime finally closes it curtains. The second season is on 2016–still too far :/   But let’s drift away from the angst www KaruNagi in this episode is—what the hell why do we have a fckn confession scene ohmyghad and Nagisa looks like he has boobs ohmyholymacarons, wth anime staffs wwww ♥

AND KARMA, OUR LITTLE DELINQUENT. his expressions killed me too many times. Each facial responses he makes to Nagisa’s pain and badassness–I CANT EVEN PROPERLY DESCRIBE MY FEELS DAMMIT. I am too proud of my precious pair ♥

*embraces both Karma and Nagisa as well as the whole cast* SEE YOU NEXT SEASON, GUYS. I thank you from the depths of my heart for allowing me to join your fandom. Stay Badasses!



did this little comic thing instead of precal hw because episode 15 killed me

//let me know if you guys wanna see more stuff like this :D (also this looks way better on my blog pls view there)

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It's Homeward Bound! One of them, anyway.

Aaaaa, thanks for letting me know! There were also a few others telling me the name of the movie, but I seriously appreciate it!! I wasn’t expecting people suddenly going out of their way to tell me :D

Seems like it’s a really good movie too then, I gotta see if I can find somewhere online to watch it this weekend ;;;;

(los spoilers) no but srsly

guys do you even UNDERSTAND the impact of this death on like EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE
like ty was the one who called annabel over, and she ended up killing HIS SISTER 
julian talked annabel into that whole thing and emma warned him “don’t promise anything you can’t deliver” and of course he didn’t see those cohort assholes coming but everything LITERALLY WENT TO SHIT ON HIS WATCH HIS LITTLE SISTER DIED IN HIS ARMS
can you even measure the amount of guilt involved this shit haunting my two babies forever i can’t even
not to mention now robert’s dead and what of the exile??? it is very possible that the cohort points a new inquisitor to be their puppet and do their bidding and then the exile won’t be done anymore and the curse will just keep going and julian will have this weighing over him along with livvy’s death WHICH I THINK WE CAN AGREE IS ENOUGH TO DRIVE HIM CRAZY also emma will suffer with this too who knows what it can do to both of them
oh my god i can’t even think about this anymore I CAN’T SEE A WAY OUT FOR ANY OF THIS i can’t stand it everything is so FUCKED UPPPPPPPPP

Just some updates for you guys~

I wont be on much these next couple of days, if at all, just a heads up!

Finals are coming up (please kill me now) so expect some 2am langst fics in between study sessions

Sorry for the delay with prompts! Ive been getting a lot of last minute projects and assignments assigned :,)

I want to do something for when I hit a new follower milestone or just something fun with you guys but idk what?? Would yall be interested??

Anyways have a great weekend everyone ❤

my very sophisticated thoughts on rogue one

so yeah obviously this is spoilery so i’ll put everything under the cut

and yeah no i lied this isn’t sophisticated at all it’s just me fangirling and screaming, mostly about darth vader

ok here we go

  • so i just watched tesb the other day and i realized that during the battle on hoth, luke was rogue leader and then it goes rogue two, three, and so on. And why is this? because there was ALREADY A ROGUE ONE
  • when you realize that prolly luke and co and rey, poe and finn will look up to the crew of rogue one
  • esp finn- like, bohdi defected from the empire!! and became a hero!!!
  • ahh everything was just so gorgeous: places, planets, ships, music, plot, people (esp that one rebel dude who looked so Flawless™ in that too -short shot as rogue 1 was landing on scarif)
  • THE CAMEOS!!!! oh my gosh yeah I had been spoiled by tumblr about bail and leia and mon mothma but R2!!! 3PO!!! and seeing tarkin was cool too i guess
  • oh man, just…
  • gah he was amazing and so morbid it was great
  • like srsly dude ur gonna build your personal castle and spa overlooking the VERY LOCATION WHERE YOU BELIEVE YOU KILLED YOUR WIFE
  • and the bacta tank was nice
  • hoo boy lemme tell you
  • i never was scared of darth vader but i sure am now
  • the way he just *clenches fist* *two rebels get choked and thrown on two others as vader casually stabs two guys through the door*
  • just beautiful
  • ok i need to stop now or else i’ll spend too much time talking about my trash king son and no one wants that (except for me who am i kidding)
  • all right so
  • the main characters were pretty cool too
  • i kinda lowkey ship rebelcaptain and highkey ship everyone with LIFE
  • like WHAT THE HECKJ *incoherent yelling*
  • *sigh* at least darth vader doesnt die…yet…
  • also krennic was pretty rad. i didn’t think he was all that bad. i mean yeah he kills people and blows up planets… actually ok yeah hes pretty bad now that i think of it. but i wouldnt turn down having a nice tea with him bc frankly there are a lot of other characters out there that havent killed or anything but i would be terrified to be near *cough* heathcliff *cough*
  • confession time: when i saw the trailers for rogue 1 i was like ‘wow i cant believe they’re trying to make another 3PO happen‘. but im so glad i was wrong bc k2 is the best. his sarcasm gives me life
  • hey did anyone else notice that when jyn and co were in the hangar on yavin iv someone was calling over the intercom thingy for general syndulla… i mean, i dont watch swrebels but i do know about the characters and isnt that hera’s last name? i heard that the Ghost and chopper were there too but i didn’t see them
  • if any sherlock fans are out there reading this did you guys see that guy who plays anderson?? he was on the council i think and it was so hilarious bc he was acting just like anderson XD he was a riot
  • kinda wish there were more ladies but who am i to complain: we got SO.MUCH.DIVERSITY.
  • i wouldve liked more diversity of accents but idk maybe most of them had british accents for reasons only star wars knows (i especially enjoyed hearing the scottish and aussie ones)
  • ok literally chirrut is my fav. everyone else can go home now
  • (except ani of course. u can stay bby)
  • ugh his sass and little smiles and his badassery was just great
  • his staff-fighting skills are WICKED
  • “are you kidding me??? im BLIND“ just priceless
  • and his praying all the time?? like, that was what got me set on loving him (im religious too)
  • ok wow this is a lot maybe i’ll write more another day but for right now i’ll stop
  • did i mention darth vader tho
  • also i laughed when he said ‘dont choke on your aspirations’ bc that is so anakin to make a pun like that but then i was sad because that is anakin
  • ugh im sad now bye

(Sorry but I didn’t want to spam people’s dashboards with all the asks so I’m gonna respond to all of these in one go)

Thank you so much for all the amazing messages!!! I AM NOT WORTHY OF ALL THESE PRAISES ASDGHFJKSL Tbh the main reason I started making these gifs was just self-indulgence (so that I could sit staring at it and let my imagination go wild lmao) and I’m so glad you guys seem to like it as much as you do??? Also, I’m sorry not sorry that I unintentionally nearly killed so many of you 😂 

And srsly I die of happiness every time I get something in my inbox??? I’m an awkward bean who sucks at any kind of social interaction so I may suck at expressing it but I really do love and appreciate all these messages <3 So yell at me all you want plz I love yelling

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I think Kiyo may be underestimating Hotaru and Yukiii but srsly 'im all wet' xD omg

I think so too~ (And 11Dogs is supposed to be the bad guys, so let’s kill them all~~~ XD)  Yukki and his weird vocabulary never seems to stop puzzling me :P  Need to reread a few times before translating because it sounds so weird…