srsly this guy is killing me

Who is Lay?

♡ Zhang Yixing

where to start i love him so much

♡ Every exo-l is soft for this boy

♡ The most hardworking person on earth


♡ King of China

He is the china line

I wanna cry while hugging him my ot12 feels

♡ “Healing unicorn”

♡ Suho’s precious kid

♡ I’m pretty sure sm hates him

Dance line

♡ Visual

♡ Actor

♡ Basically perfect


♡ Has a separate fan base called Xingmis

♡ Yi(Xing) + Nai(mi)

♡ Yixing’s name + My name

Chanyeol is the biggest xingmi

♡ As you can tell from the name 

♡ He is S O F T

♡ His softness is nothing like ksoo’s softness

♡ We call him unicorn because he is literally unreal

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♡ He is the softest member

♡ He is just pure fluff

♡ Is cute

♡ Really cute

♡ Even if he just stands there doing nothing but existing

♡ he is cute

♡ When he is breathing

♡ When he is smiling

♡ When he’s confused

♡ Is the type of person who would fix the plushie’s bangs when a plushie’s eyes are closed and say

♡ “now you can see”

♡ he is literally an angel

♡ He would do anything for his fans

♡ Literally anything

♡ Reads all the fan letters at the airport

♡ Males sure he performs well otherwise thinks that people’s money go to waste

♡ makes sure everyone has a pic with him before leaving the conference he was on

♡ gives handwritten invitations in chinese and english which he wrote for his bd

♡ translated his album “Lose Control” to japanese,english and chinese

♡ chinese—->cantonese+mandarin

♡ Gives members special bags called “hope bags”so that they won’t meet any troubles

♡ His pureness can’t be explained with words

♡ While we’re talking about how soft he is

♡ I wonder if the blindfold he uses while he’s dancing to artificial love is also soft


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♡ I ain’t joking i’m serious

♡ I feel like he has a dark past coz those moves are pure sin

♡ He often likes to kill exo-ls with kai

♡ As a soft unicorn,he can also turn into a wild stripper on the stage

♡ I see hip thrusts

♡ Once he was performing Lose Control,his belt opened


♡ I mean he is so rude

♡ Has solo’s like Lose control,what u need? and monodrama

♡ Lose control is basically hip thrusts

♡ Along with lay’s heavy gaze and soft voice

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♡ It’s just rude


♡ We ain’t complaining

♡ His looks are everything

♡ He is the visual king

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I have found so many rude gifs u guys have no idea

♡ His smile is everything

♡ When he smiles

♡ The world just stops for a minute 

♡ It becomes a better world

♡ the sun shines a bit brighter

♡ the birds sing a bit happier

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This boy is srsly killing me SOMEONE SEND HELP PLS

♡ As he also works and promotes in china he has lots of photo shoots

♡ He is beautiful

♡ King of serving looks

I’m just gonna put this here coz this is art

♡ He is literally so handsome

♡ I mean he’s breathtaking

♡ Every pic that he has no matter with or without make up

♡ is so precious cause he looks so freaking good in all of them

♡ I S  E T H E R E A L

♡ I really dunno how to express this handsomeness


♡ Also an actor

♡ Played a cutie pie in his movie kung fu yoga w jackie chan

♡ Has a movie where he and his gay husband have a baby from the future lesbians called oh my god


i dunno what to say anymore

♡ Also Operation love where he is a character full of regrets

♡ but returns to the past and tries his best


♡ As i mentioned before,he has his own solo career 

♡ His last album lose control killed all of exo-ls

♡ Has a studio in china

♡ His voice is so soothing

His singing makes me want to punch myself

♡ Sings in many languages

♡ While we mention about languages

♡ His korean is just

♡ bootiful

♡ His korean teacher told him to get a gf


♡ Often makes pronunciation mistakes

♡ “Members wet their pants”

♡ “Jurazil park”

♡ Said penis instead of pepper 

♡ chanyeol was shook

♡ cameraman was shook

♡ exo-l were shook

♡ But its ok since we love him the way he is

♡ and baek often helps and explains him 

♡ There’s a precious friendship called

♡ Baekxing

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♡ Baek often explains him anything in korean

♡ They’re super cute

♡ Precious af

♡ Yixing just loves him so much

♡ Yixing just loves every member so much

♡ Baek is yixing’s nr.1 fan

♡ He also has a super confused side

♡ Always confused

♡ Bbh is his life saver

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♡ Fangirl bbh mode on

♡ You can actually ship lay with any member since he’s a fluff ball

♡ —->sulay

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♡ He is suho’s most precious kid since he’s innocent and easygoing

♡ —–>xiulay

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♡ —>Layhan

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♡ Even tough they’re former members he still keeps in touch with his brothers from china

♡ And supports them and their movies,music..etc

♡ also meets them in china


♡ also teaches sehun chinese

♡ Since he’s really kind and considerate towards people he’s loved by everyone

♡ His dance is everything you want in your life

♡ He is really passionate about dancing

♡ he is a choreographer

♡ What u need?’s choreo

♡ Lose contol’s choreo

♡ also helped they never know’s choreo

♡ Is close with 1m dance studio’s Kasper

U can actually spot kasper in every sm dance practice video

♡ His moves are so smooth yet delicate

♡ he is an angel dancing

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♡ He also ended saesang fans

♡ “as saesang fans have every information about us including our phone numbers,i’m expecting them to know teacher lee so man’s number too”


♡ He is really hardworking

♡ produced an album in china

♡ Shot 2 movies,one w jackie chan

♡ shot a drama

♡ Promoted exo

♡ promoted his work

♡ performed his solo work

♡ sometimes danced sometimes sang

♡ Joined his brothers for the comeback


♡ Did all those things in half a year

♡ As we can tell

♡ overworks himself

♡ fainted twice

♡ The photos taken today at the airport was showing how tired he was

♡ he works nonstop 

♡ he gotta rest

♡ he was working all the time when the rest of the members had time to rest

I fucking hate sm

♡ He is the most precious kid i’ve ever seen


♡ I swear if they comeback without lay i’ll fly to korea and let the sm building on fire after stabbing lee soo man 384737 times

♡ He is the cutest pls protect him

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moments ♥ twenty-second

The anime finally closes it curtains. The second season is on 2016–still too far :/   But let’s drift away from the angst www KaruNagi in this episode is—what the hell why do we have a fckn confession scene ohmyghad and Nagisa looks like he has boobs ohmyholymacarons, wth anime staffs wwww ♥

AND KARMA, OUR LITTLE DELINQUENT. his expressions killed me too many times. Each facial responses he makes to Nagisa’s pain and badassness–I CANT EVEN PROPERLY DESCRIBE MY FEELS DAMMIT. I am too proud of my precious pair ♥

*embraces both Karma and Nagisa as well as the whole cast* SEE YOU NEXT SEASON, GUYS. I thank you from the depths of my heart for allowing me to join your fandom. Stay Badasses!



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Hello hello hello hello hello~!! 😂😂 Can you do a haeadcannons for the RFA +Saeran when they MC being threatened out the street (may be in front of them if you want >3<~) but then she just- BAM!! Knock them off with her Karate or something??? Thank thank thank thank thank thank thank thank YOU xD !!!

Okay ! 


  • he’s not an aggressive boy 
  • so mostly doesn’t even walk past those rough guys in the street 
  • cross the street ALWAYS 
  • but you two were walking and talking so didn’t noticed this guys 
  • and one of them was being a jerk 
  • “Girl come with us instead of that boy” 
  • poor Yoosung was about to punch him, even when he knew that wasn’t going to end good for him 
  • but in a second you have that guy on the floor 
  • “I told you I did Karate in school” 
  • actually impressed and kind of relaxed that he didn’t have to fight 


  • he was in a gang 
  • so he knows how to fight some assholes 
  • and you were going back home from some bar you went with some friends 
  • not even drunk
  • you two just had a beer and ate tons of fries
  • and there was some shadow in the exact point where you have to walk 
  • “MC don’t talk to him, just walk okay?” 
  • and it was a common sense not to do that 
  • but when you walked there this guy tried to reach your arm 
  • of course Zen took you in a second and started fighting him verbally 
  • “Don’t you ever dare to touch her or I’ll kill you” 
  • he was ready to leave but this guy touched your back without him even noticing 
  • and when he turned around your fist was in the guy’s face 
  • Zen knew you used to go to box classes
  • but didn’t knew you were this good 
  • “wow MC you have to teach me that” 
  • proud of you tbh


  • she was always ready to fight 
  • like srsly 
  • “MC you should learn Judo with me” 
  • and you did 
  • of course you never used it so she didn’t actually knew how good you were 
  • but this day you were waiting for her outside her work 
  • Jumin was taking long to end the meeting
  • and you went to buy something for Jaehee
  • of course it was just crossing the street 
  • and there was some guy talking like an asshole to some girls 
  • like literally school girls 
  • “Dude, they can be your daughters. Stop being a dick and shut up.” 
  • you were no one to mess 
  • and it was wrong so you have to say something 
  • but he started talking to you instead
  • and saying that you were done by taking those girls away from him 
  • and Jaehee was leaving the building 
  • and saw it 
  • she was ready to fight that guy 
  • but you managed him pretty well 
  • of course it was in personal defense since he was standing in front of you 
  • the cops arrived a few moments later


  • it was not too normal that you two were on the street instead of a car 
  • but you managed to take him out for an icecream
  • and it was going amazing 
  • of course you were dressed pretty nice since he was always giving you tons of clothes 
  • and there were some persons close that looked at you in a really awful way 
  • and one girl was like “babe you see what that bitch is wearing? I want it” 
  • the guy came to you 
  • “You look nice in those shoes, I want them” 
  • of course Jumin didn’t got it 
  • “there is a shop close to here” 
  • but this only made the guy piss off
  • “dude your girl is giving me those now or I will cut you” 
  • he had a knife!
  • Jumin wasn’t good at fight but was ready to trow you aways from danger 
  • ready to die for you 
  • but you kicked that guy in the knee 
  • “You should say those things in front os a motherfucking lady you asshole” 
  • the kick + those heels wasn’t a good convention for him 
  • he was in the floor now 
  • Jumin called the police 
  • and they took him 
  • “MC were did you learned that?” 
  • “My dad wanted me to be safe… “
  • “remind me to thank your father later for raising an amazing and beautiful woman”


  • Doesn’t like fights 
  • but is actually good at them 
  • he’s a secret agent so he needs to know how to fight 
  • but hasn’t done it in a long time 
  • and you went out for some food 
  • but since there wasn’t honey buddha chips you have to get to other store 
  • it was a bit far from your home 
  • and you two didn’t knew the place 
  • “you two idiots! better leave my place or I will have to take your girl with me” 
  • someone said from your back 
  • and there was a huge guy there
  • “Leave us, we’re buying food” 
  • but the guy wanted to fight Saeyoung 
  • “nice glasses… how would they look broken?” 
  • but nothing made him go angry 
  • until this guy talked to you 
  • but in that minute you took him down 
  • and he was like WOOOOOOOOH 
  • of course you haven’t used that much force with him 
  • so he couldn’t know you had it 
  • “I was in a lot of fight is my school days… not big deal” 
  • “hehe you’re a badass” 


  • was trying to stop his aggressive side 
  • so you tried no to go to dangerous places 
  • to not make him even think about that 
  • but this was a bad day 
  • it was raining and you forgot your umbrella 
  • so he was going to bring it to you 
  • “MC we can go to some café I saw on my way here” 
  • it was amazing because it was cold and coffee sounded so good now
  • you two went there 
  • but when you were leaving there was some dudes there 
  • and they didn’t looked friendly at all 
  • “two kids in a date… isn’t that cute?”
  • it was a pain in the ass but he was managing it very well
  • “maybe we should take that umbrella for us and leave them get wet” 
  • “I can get that bitch more wet that that” 
  • and he exploded 
  • but you didn’t wanted him to go back to how he was 
  • and instead you were the one who punched the guy 
  • right in the face 
  • leaving a LOT of blood there 
  • probably broke his nose 
  • but he deserved it 
  • “MC…”
  • “Saeran, I don’t really like doing this but your brother wanted me to know a few things… it was before we met” 
  • he’s actually glad that you didn’t let him fight 

did this little comic thing instead of precal hw because episode 15 killed me

//let me know if you guys wanna see more stuff like this :D (also this looks way better on my blog pls view there)


Well, the stream was fun! My pencil died when I was finishing the last sketch unfortunately… but hey! I got some scenes drawn!
Let’s do it again sometime! :D


art by lunariane 


I would just like to say to all the people that I rp with on Anjali

that I deeply appreciate all of you and your creativity with hashtags for her, her stories, and my tumblr. I know its a bit of a running joke by now to come up with good ones, so here is an appreciation post of all the wonderfully hilarious hashtags that have been given to me by friends. Thanks so much guys for all the laughs!



#ed fanservice


#anjali does kryta

#the adventures of princess and beefcake




#yali sass


some things i didn’t expect from my reread of LotR

- Lots of feelings for Boromir like,……i just want Glorfindel to have gone on the fellowship and fOR THEM TO HAVE BEEN BROS ;____; (this only works with like fanon glorf prob not tolkien’s actually)

-Elrond Such Wisdom Very Advice Wow being all “o ya um there should be 9 ppl in the company cuz like….there are nine wraiths. seems legit. i was gonna send glorfindel but nah, ten is not the magic number and these hobbits want to go so??? ther u are” like OF ALL THE ARBITRARY??? and gandalf and everyone else concurring “ya sounds legit” (i get it it’s mythological but MANNN THIS IRRITATES ME)

- Aragorn SASS MASTER, operating at at least 75% DONE at all times, wow

-i somehow forgot the dick-waving contest at the Council. i remembered it had been a shitshow but WHOOOOBOY


- being annoyed at hobbits THE ENTIRE GODDAMN TIME even tho i love them and like, really, not just pippin, fucking all of them like SAM DON’T BUILD A FIRE HERE ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME HOW ARE YOU NOT DEAD????

-falling in love with Saruman in that chapter about his Voice and DEMANDING AN AU WHERE SARUMAN COMES DOWN FROM DOUCHE TOWER AND IS WEIRD GRUMPY HIGH-AS-BALLS UNCLE FOR THE REST OF THE SERIES (why can’t i have nice things? like, the good guys always have to give the bad guys the opportunity to repent but THEY NEVER FUCKING take them up on it??? is this just a ritualistic gesture or?????) 

- “the tall green man”


- shipping Shagrat/Gorbag. SHAGBAG. (the two orcs Sam overhears discussing Frodo’s body, among other things) TH-THEY JUST WANT TO GO OFF AND LIVE IN A CABIN IN THE WOODS TOGETHER YOU GUYS ;____; LET THEM BE HAPPY

- giving a fuck about Sauron and Shelob’s relationship and wanting fic for this??? woooow i did not expect that paragraph SHE IS HIS CAT

- the narrator’s servant/master kink being STRONGER THAN MY OWN like wat the fuck might wanna get that checked (srsly tho the whole Service As Virtue thing but to the point of almost skeeving me out i DID NOT EXPECT THIS??? thought this was my jam???)

-gollum/smeagol’s relationship with frodo breaking my heart but for different and more reasons than i remembered (it kills me that groveling servitude is like…..smeagol’s only “good” mode and his one shot at redemption?? idk idk its weird man. he can’t even conceive of a relationship where he has a non-murderous rapport with someone as anything other than a power dynamic where he’s nice to them because they are his Master and have Control over him and Speak for Him or he Worships them or some shit??(also how he has a rapport wth Shelob apparently)? likes all relationships are flattened to extreme power dynamics and hMMMMM I WONDER WHERE THAT CAME FROM)

-there were a lot more but this is what i remember. we just got past the spider

my very sophisticated thoughts on rogue one

so yeah obviously this is spoilery so i’ll put everything under the cut

and yeah no i lied this isn’t sophisticated at all it’s just me fangirling and screaming, mostly about darth vader

ok here we go

  • so i just watched tesb the other day and i realized that during the battle on hoth, luke was rogue leader and then it goes rogue two, three, and so on. And why is this? because there was ALREADY A ROGUE ONE
  • when you realize that prolly luke and co and rey, poe and finn will look up to the crew of rogue one
  • esp finn- like, bohdi defected from the empire!! and became a hero!!!
  • ahh everything was just so gorgeous: places, planets, ships, music, plot, people (esp that one rebel dude who looked so Flawless™ in that too -short shot as rogue 1 was landing on scarif)
  • THE CAMEOS!!!! oh my gosh yeah I had been spoiled by tumblr about bail and leia and mon mothma but R2!!! 3PO!!! and seeing tarkin was cool too i guess
  • oh man, just…
  • gah he was amazing and so morbid it was great
  • like srsly dude ur gonna build your personal castle and spa overlooking the VERY LOCATION WHERE YOU BELIEVE YOU KILLED YOUR WIFE
  • and the bacta tank was nice
  • hoo boy lemme tell you
  • i never was scared of darth vader but i sure am now
  • the way he just *clenches fist* *two rebels get choked and thrown on two others as vader casually stabs two guys through the door*
  • just beautiful
  • ok i need to stop now or else i’ll spend too much time talking about my trash king son and no one wants that (except for me who am i kidding)
  • all right so
  • the main characters were pretty cool too
  • i kinda lowkey ship rebelcaptain and highkey ship everyone with LIFE
  • like WHAT THE HECKJ *incoherent yelling*
  • *sigh* at least darth vader doesnt die…yet…
  • also krennic was pretty rad. i didn’t think he was all that bad. i mean yeah he kills people and blows up planets… actually ok yeah hes pretty bad now that i think of it. but i wouldnt turn down having a nice tea with him bc frankly there are a lot of other characters out there that havent killed or anything but i would be terrified to be near *cough* heathcliff *cough*
  • confession time: when i saw the trailers for rogue 1 i was like ‘wow i cant believe they’re trying to make another 3PO happen‘. but im so glad i was wrong bc k2 is the best. his sarcasm gives me life
  • hey did anyone else notice that when jyn and co were in the hangar on yavin iv someone was calling over the intercom thingy for general syndulla… i mean, i dont watch swrebels but i do know about the characters and isnt that hera’s last name? i heard that the Ghost and chopper were there too but i didn’t see them
  • if any sherlock fans are out there reading this did you guys see that guy who plays anderson?? he was on the council i think and it was so hilarious bc he was acting just like anderson XD he was a riot
  • kinda wish there were more ladies but who am i to complain: we got SO.MUCH.DIVERSITY.
  • i wouldve liked more diversity of accents but idk maybe most of them had british accents for reasons only star wars knows (i especially enjoyed hearing the scottish and aussie ones)
  • ok literally chirrut is my fav. everyone else can go home now
  • (except ani of course. u can stay bby)
  • ugh his sass and little smiles and his badassery was just great
  • his staff-fighting skills are WICKED
  • “are you kidding me??? im BLIND“ just priceless
  • and his praying all the time?? like, that was what got me set on loving him (im religious too)
  • ok wow this is a lot maybe i’ll write more another day but for right now i’ll stop
  • did i mention darth vader tho
  • also i laughed when he said ‘dont choke on your aspirations’ bc that is so anakin to make a pun like that but then i was sad because that is anakin
  • ugh im sad now bye
We Don't Want to be Saved: Part One

REQUEST: When dean turns into a demon he brings Y/n with him sense he loves her even if he’s a demon. So he some how turns her into a demon and shes just as evil as dean and they are srsly flirty ;)they cause chaos with each other Till Sam takes Dean to the bunker.while captured Dean says he’ll get out either from Y/n. So Y/n comes to kill sam and get Dean she has a big badass fight with Sam but gets caught some how. Dean is cured first so when he’s human to cure y/n he has to see her like a monster

A/N: So this is part one, hopefully i will get more out to you guys soon. i hope you like it! keep sending me those requests!

The world was collapsing around you. You sat there in shock, unable to breathe. It had been hours since Sam had returned from the fight with Dean’s body in his arms. At first you thought he was just hurt, but one look at Sam’s face and you knew he was gone. Dean was dead. You couldn’t bring yourself to visit him in his room where he is laid out on his bed. You didn’t have it in you. If you went and saw him now, that’s how you would remember him, broken and bloody with a hole in his chest. No… Dean wouldn’t want that. He would want you to remember him as he was before the mark ruined him. He was happy, and was always able to find a little bit of hope when it was too dark for you to see the light. He would want you to remember the way he held you in his arms late at night, the way his arms wrapped around your waist, and how he held you close to his chest. The sweetness of the memories were too much for you, and you started to cry again. You didn’t know how you had any tears left. Sam had come into your room a few hours ago to check on you, but you couldn’t bring yourself to say anything. You know that he is hurting right now too, he lost his brother, but you had lost a piece of your soul. A piece that you knew you would never get back. You went to the closet and retrieved Dean’s old leather jacket, and put it over your shoulders. You pulled the sides together, forming a cocoon of leather around your body. The smell of leather, whisky and just…. Dean surrounded you, and for a moment it was like he was there with you. You choked back another sob, as you climbed into bed, jacket still glued around your body, as you cried until your mind, exhausted and broken, pulled you into unconsciousness.

In the room down the hall Crowley moved away from his spot in the corner and relocated to stand beside Dean, still lying motionless on the bed. “I said,” Crowley muttered, “Wake up.”

Dean’s eyes finally opened and what he saw in front of him was not pleasing at all. Crowley’s face was hovering above him, etched with what could be interpreted as concern. Why was he here? What happened? Dean sat up, a bit too quickly, and his head swam.

“Easy there Squirrel, I know this isn’t your first resurrection, but it’s not every day you wake up as  a demon.” Crowley, now a bit smug, took a seat on the end of the bed, keeping an eye on his new toy. Dean’s head was spinning. Resurrection? He died? Then it him, Metatron had stabbed him. He died in Sammy’s arms. He never got to say goodbye to (Y/N)… (Y/N)!

Dean suddenly flung himself from the bed, determined to find you, and nothing was going to stand in his way. His blood was pumping, as he grabbed onto Crowley’s black shirt, getting in his personal space . “(Y/N)” His mouth was dry, and his throat scratchy, but that didn’t stop him from yelling into Crowley’s face. “Where is she you son of a bitch!? What did you do to her?”

“Oh calm down you idiot, she’s fine. Snoozing away in her room at the moment. Good thing too, she needs her beauty sleep, she’s been looking a little grey the last few hours.”  A smile tugged at his lips, but it quickly disappeared when he saw the black eyes staring back at him become even more intense… more angry. “Seriously, Not Moose, she’s fine. Calm yourself down and be a bit more grateful. You wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for me.”

Dean let go of him and moved back to stand against the wall of his room. He was still angry; he could feel his blood pumping through his body. It was different than before. Did Crowley say he was a demon? Dean looked down and pulled his shirt away from this chest and looked at the spot where Metatron had pushed the angel blade through him. There was no wound. He held out his hands, turning them over and touching his arms. Where hours before, scratches lined his skin, now laid no trace.. Crowley was telling the truth. He was a demon. An unfamiliar feeling of pride filled his body, and he puffed out his chest. He could feel it now. Feel the power running through his body, feel the warped, black thing that once was his soul twisting around inside of him. Just before he let himself succumb to the darkness, he felt it, a tiny piece holding on for dear life, fighting against the blackness to survive. Love. You. He had to find you and tell you he was alive. He felt the pull you had on him, leading him to the door. But the hand grabbing onto his arm, tried to stop him. He spun around and grabbed Crowley by the collar of his shirt.

“You. Will. Not. Stand. In. My. Way,” Dean spit out, his voice low and threatening.

“You feel it, don’t you? The pure power of being one of us, the strength that we have. You love it. I know you, Dean. You love the power, the control. That’s why we have to leave now. If Moose comes in here, and sees you like this, he will be a pain in our asses.”

“I can’t leave without her, Crowley, I won’t do it.” Dean said adamantly.

“She can’t come with us Dean. She would just try to stop us, stand in our way, just like Moose.” There was a pause, and then he continued… “Unless, she was to become like us.”

  • Becky: You forced me for my word. I didnt like that. *gets up and walks away*
  • John: I don't like the way you yell and cry at people.