srsly they make me want to cry


“Did you…. You just ate that! I thought we were supposed to cleanse it! Ugh!”

“I am,” she said.

Obsession, Chapter 9

I should have been studying but I said i was going to fanart it because it’s my favorite part of this series and i have had these ideas in my head for so long it feels so good to actually managed to make them.

Srsly go read this fanfic by @kryallaorchid (tumblr i hate you why you dont allow me to tag them). I want to make one more fanart for Obsession before reading Quiver because 1) exams are this week and 2) i know im going to want to make fanart for Quiver but i dont want to leave behind more ideas xD

First panel belong to Chapter 8, btw (it made me cry and surprised me)

Hey guys! So I noticed about the Love your Artists Week and I want to say thank you to everyone! Thanks for the kind messages but STOP IM GONNA CRY!!
Even when I cant be active in my artblog because of my work, you guys keep sending to me messages telling to me how much you love my art and that makes me so happy >3< I have the best followers!! THANKS TO EVERYONE!!

Mini Me (Mark GOT7 Headcanons)
  • takes his fatherly duties very seriously, but doesn’t want to seem like it
  • from the outside is the ultimate relaxed, joker dad that lets his kid get away with everything
  • if something makes his child cry, he will make it cry
  • his child is perfect, smart, kind, wonderful, etc. and nobody will tell him otherwise
  • Mark’s kisses make booboos better; this is science
  • even on BamBam’s booboos (mostly because his was watching)
  • he never misses arm day because this kid gets carried everywhere (like srsly if it’s just slightly too crowded in public or if the kid complains slightly about walking it’s on Marky’s hip or piggy back time)
  • bedtime stories are a serious production
  • he gets the other members involved wherever he can and then 7:30 bedtime turns into a two hour production of Cinderella with costumes and sound and Jackson as a reluctant princess (but secretly he really likes it because Mark and the kid are both enjoying it so damn much)
  • his child would like all kinds of foods because he’d be feeding them everything from day one; Mark likes to eat and his kid would be right there with him
  • “Daddy look at my drawing,” “oh what a nice doggie!” “it’s not a doggie, daddy,” “it looks like a bunch of scribbles to me,” “shut up, Junior.”
  • he would be horrible at matching clothes/putting together outfits for his child, but he would try so hard
  • “Mark, you can’t dress her in a dress and pants.” “But it’s cold out.” “It’s twenty degrees.”
  • he’s the type to buy toys for his kid just so he can play with them
  • he would also have way more fun on playgrounds/jungle gyms/ball pits than his child ever would and he wouldn’t be afraid to show it
  • Dad Mark is just like child Mark but way more protective and with caring instincts activated

A/N: this was the next request that came in and I decided to do it in the style of headcanons because it’s something i haven’t tried out before (ps Dad Mark makes me blush)

reyindee  asked:

No matter what you say. Your art is. Amazing! It inspires the heck out of me. Those drawings between Nyx and Glitter was so cute. I was sad and when I saw that it made me smile. I understand if you want to go away or start a new blog. I understand. I just want you to know that we all care about you. And that you inspire a LOT of people. If you do start again. Tell me your new blog. I'd love to see your art in my dash again. Hope you have a nice day!

Awwww Rey… srsly… you all are going to make me cry… and don’t worry, i’m not deleting this blog, just some stuff… i decided no delete all… just some… And, thank you, i never tough someday i could inspire someone… and actaully doubt about it… but thank you!

If it's fine
  • Baekhyun: We broke up.
  • Chanyeol: Damn that's so sad. Do u wanna tell me all ur problems then cry on my shoulder? I can take u out on a date if u want. Do u want me to suck ur dick? I mean, it's fine with me if it's fine with u and if it'll make you feel better. Anything to comfort u bro.