srsly the cutest


I was born here, in this place that would come to be called the Old West. But, to my kind, the land was ageless. It had no beginning and no end, no boundary between earth and sky. Like the wind and the buffalo, we belonged here, we would always belong here.

no but girls that dont like phil dont make sense to me, like look at this man

seriously he is like a freaking confused kid he’s just adorable

and i mean how can you resist that face, he just looks really happy and his eyes are really pretty here????? and look at that smile dont tell me thats not the cutest thing ever

and i mean you cant even hear him laughing here but his laugh is gorgeous ayy?

and even when he’s not laughing he’s still ridiculously cute

and like no joke but


nobody said you could be this cute and sexy at the same time

all i wanted to say is that phil is amazing and idk what youre doing with your life if you only like dan and not phil but basically just enjoy this pretty man’s laugh and you should subscribe to him if you’re not because he’s almost to 2mil

haha, byeeee

(look at fetus phil, so kawaii)