srsly one of my fav moments

one of my fav parts of caspars new vlog had to be when all three of them were talking about football im sorry but 

look!! how!! smol!! joe is so tiny and it fuels my very being (big guy?? i’m like half your height- joe to caspar, ok joe i get it srsly let me liVE)  
also, joes heart eyes, also, josh’s hand on caspars arm what more could you want???

this has to be one of my fav pics ever because i think it pretty much sums up the relationship between these three which is that josh and caspar are both in love obsessed with joe (whats their ship name?? joeshpar? jaspua? its too hard) i mean they had they whole bit where they were randomly teasing joe about his last name (SUGG ATTACK) and come on it was only because they wanted to see him get all embarrassed and blushy and cute im so done with these three