srsly just wtf

so i’m catching up on the one point korean lessons and is no one talking about the fact that jackson said ‘라면 먹고 갈래’/wanna go eat ramen (the korean equivalent of netflix and chill) AGAIN and stared at jaebum while everyone else was just awkwardly silent or did i just miss the memo bc like

i’m sorry if you can’t read korean but like look at hIS FACE AND THEN JUST


tHIS SHIT????? jackbum just WTF LOOK AT THEM i’m out


she wasn’t interested in telling
other people’s f u t u r e s
 she was interested in going out
and finding h e r own

 lee ji eun as b l u e  s a r g e n t — the raven cycle


‘Twas not by bolt, nor yet by blade
But the deathly gripe of the woody nightshade…

black nut and smtm4

OK, so am I the only one who still supports Black Nut, not him being on SMTM4,forget that, but his  existence at the very least?
See, first of all Black Nut had always been like this. He has no filter, no common sense, no respect. It might be caused by anything, his mind is just different, maybe he just seeks attention or maybe we’re not qualified enough to understand him.
When I first heard Graduation Album I showed the lyrics to a friend to hear their opinion. At first that friend was disguised and reacted the same way 99% of the people on the Internet did but here’s what I told her: You know rap is just Black Nut’s way to express his thoughts. Just like a writer who writes a rape scene, or a movie director… their work is considered art so why is Black Nut targeted for being a rapist. Isn’t hip hop fans exactly the ones here who should agree that rap is also art?
The fact that you haven’t seen no one like this before in Korean undergr doesn’t mean they’re criminals or something. Maybe is exactly the opposite and Black Nut is a freaking genius, who knows?
Black Nut on SMTM… As I said the boy had always been like this. And I swear every singe person in the hip hop industry is aware of it. They decided to let him move forward, whether because according to the producers he’s good at rap or simply because he’s a clown, I don’t know and none of us does, but they let him be on the show taking all the risks. At the end the worst is getting edited out anyways. What if there’s someone as fucked up as Black Nut but you’ve never found about the scenes that were edited out?
As for the Mino VS Black Nut I have just one thing to ask. Are you all not aware of the fact that Black Nut hates Minho? Wouldn’t you act just as awful if you were diss battling the person you hate (who is also going to win anyways) ? And you know what, diss apparently is a slang for DISRESPECT and isn’t Black Nut the only one who got the actual meaning of the word? ;)

I stg, the SU team could have Pearl explicitly state that she’s gay, or bi, or literally anything except straight like they haven’t done so already & people would still bend over backwards to try and make her love for Rose seem familial or platonic.

If you wanna ship Pearl with guys for fun, I got no beef with that. But then there’s just burying your head under a rock & flat out denying the fact that Pearl had it fucking bad for Rose.

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  • Percy: What if-
  • Annabeth: No.
  • Percy: Annab-
  • Annabeth: No.
  • Percy: Please-
  • Annabeth: Percy, no!
  • Percy: Come on, it's just one giraffe!