srsly junior

It looks like they’re watching a horror movie, but it’s actually food network

I /almost/ missed @milasaraweek!!! Here’s day 1: Domestic/Future


special1004: .. #SuperJunior #SJ #The team in which I put in everything in my life #It is still the team that I’m putting in everything in my life now #In order to choose #I have given up a lot of things #But I have also received a lot in return #A choice is to bear responsibility in regards to whatever that you did not choose #I will do the same #From now on #this late hours #Feels #Cheesy #JustSaying.. ©


Favorite Super Junior Pairings - Teukchul / 83line [Leeteuk + Heechul] (^_−)☆
“Jungsu-ah, it’s me. When it’s really time for me to talk to you, I suddenly don’t know what to say. Let’s be together for a long time, okay? Really, you are my only 83line friend. No matter what, thank you. I love you, brat!” -Heechul

10 ways to win oppa's heart

1. hit his crotch (IMPORTANT)

2. tell him what will appear in the exam

3. suddenly appear at a time he’s in a crisis (part 1)

bonus: you’ll get to have oppa’s arm wrap around you

4. suddenly appear at a time he’s in a crisis (part 2)

bonus: you will get to hold oppa’s hand

5. admit to him that you stalked him before


6. pique his interest

7. get him to visit your house

8. (he’ll randomly ask u out for no reason so say nothing)

bonus: you get to have a kiss on the forehead from oppa

9. say some inspiring shit that will touch his heart


note: the relationship will only last for one ep sorry ;((


When antis come at IGOT7 with the insult, saying that GOT7 is fake and assuming that they had plastic surgeries.
IGOT7 be like: *inserts pictures* bihh, where?💁