srsly is the weirdest looking thing

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could you do kyungsoo as your best friend ? ^^ that chanyeol one was so nice !!

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((i love this gif ok he’s so handsome!!!))


  • oh my god this lil squish would be the cutest best friend
  • when your birthday comes up expect a super nice homemade cake
  • & the cutest lil surprise party
  • treats you to a nice dinner every once & a while
  • everyone thinks the two of you are dating
  • but really you’re just really close friends
  • seriously whenever someone suggest the idea of you being in a relationship, you both just start hysterically laughing
  • if you ever need help with school or work
  • he’s such a big help even if he doesn’t know much about the material
  • not always willing to hang out because he really values his alone time
  • but still texts you at least once every day to check in with you
  • if you want a real conversation you’ve gotta do it face to face
  • not really about the whole long text conversations thing
  • probably just too lazy to type everything tbh
  • very sincere
  • always completely honest with you
  • like if you mess up on something 
  • he’d just be like “yeah you’ve messed up”
  • but always tries to help solve any problems it might’ve lead to
  • gives the best advice
  • the best type of friend when you’re in trouble & need help
  • if you told him you liked another member he’d just look at you like
  • “are you dumb”
  • “srsly these boys are two year olds trapped inside the bodies of men how could you even”
  • not super judgmental
  • you could be into the weirdest shit 
  • soo wouldn’t care he’d be like “you do you *shrugs*”
  • in need of relationship advice?? 
  • soo to the rescue
  • begging him to sing for you 24/7
  • absolutely melting when he finally does 
  • complaining to him about small things would be a bust
  • he’d just smack you over the head & scold you for worrying too much
  • helping chan & baek mess with him
  • getting close to them because of this
  • don’t worry about someone getting on your bad side
  • satansoo will drive them away with his wrath
  • other members flirting with you to piss him off
  • “hey (y/n) you look-”
  • “I dare you to say it oh sehun I fucking d a r e you” 
  • always trying to crack dumb jokes to make him smile & laugh
  • but he’d end up just looking at you like “really”
  • but then you’d start laughing causing him to laugh so you end up getting what you want
  • dont ask for skinship he’d be so shy & conscious about how & how often he touches you 
  • treats you with all the love & respect he can muster