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what  ??  this  is  honestly  so  wild  to  me  .  i’ve  been  on  tumblr  for  about  2.5  years  now  &  started  my  multi  around  7  months  ago  &  it’s  wild  to  me  that  i  would  ever  get  this  many  followers  .  i  know  it’s  so  cheesy  but  i  never  expected  to  get  passed  100  ,  let  alone  over  1k  .  i  have  made  so  many  friends  over  these  past  years  &  under  this  cut  is  my  ugly  crying  over  how  much  everyone  means  to  me  .  if  you  followed  me  from  one  of  my  single  blogs  to  my  multi  ,  THANK  YOU  .  it  really  shows  that  you  love  my  writing  &  are  willing  to  deal  with  my  love  for  so  many  characters  .  so  here  we  go  . 

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fan-of-encouragement  asked:

God I need help b/c you know Levi probably didn't hear many nice words after his Mom died and he has trouble sleeping until Eren starts saying sweet things to him and soothes him to sleep and alskabkdk I HAVE SLAIN MYSELF WITH FEELS.

oOFOGOOFOG DDUDUDUUDE, u shouldnt have sent me this bc now i am crying as well ;______; i swear i didnt mean for this to happen but it did so yeah, have a drabble

It’s just past midnight, and as usual, Levi cannot sleep.

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“Don’t you want Miyuki-senpai to be a bit more this and that?”
“Nah, Miyuki-senpai being himself is the best!”

[this is a scheduled post]

Ayo! Basically I hit 1000 followers yesterday and I’m sorry it’s is kind of late and all, but I really wanted to show all my love for all of you geek ass nerds, so I did this. It’s gonna be pretty long because it’s my first follow forever and It was soooo hard not to add everybody to the list. I’m so so sorry if I missed you,you are hecka rad and i still love you uwu. Thank you so much for following, it means the world  to me. Also I’m sorry for being lame. Kind of always lame though,so kind of always sorry.

A special shoutout to himusicfreak for being such a rad meathead and doing this edit thing,thanks alot, buddy.

If you’re bolded I’m probs inlove with you,sorry.

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Fingertips latched onto the taxi door, her eyes taking a quick sweep of her surroundings before climbing into the cab. As she adjusted the dress she was asked to wear, her thoughts fell to how risky being undercover was.. and yet it was one of her favorite parts about her job. She hadn’t even had time to request a destination before realising someone was seated beside her; the two had climbed in at the very same time and she hadn’t even noticed. Her forehead furrowed as she headed to question them, “—I’m pretty sure I got the cab first?” And yet it sounded more like she was questioning herself, much to her resentment.