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The SuperHeroines & SuperHeroes of the Women’s March on Washington!

The energy, passion, and activism of not just Americans but people worldwide has been so inspiring over the past few months, it’s been infectious. Watching citizens stand up and demand Certain People put their money with their mouth is when it comes to a promised handover of “The Power” from politicians to people has been extraordinary. So much so that I had to capture the magic of the rally that was the overture to this movement, and give it my own geeky spin! ;)

If you like my art, please consider the kindness of a reblog <3! you can totes save the images to use later with credit! I’ll be drawing more; I realized as I was finishing up how damn whitewashed this cast of characters is other than Gamora (fuck my privilege, srsly), so I’ll definitely be focusing on POCs in the next run. So hit me up if you have any superheroes or superheroines, or… (we need a gender-neutral one, kids) you hope to see included and I’ll try and make it work~!

[A chibi Captain America wearing a pussy hat with a shield and a sign saying “He for She”]

[A chibi Harley Quinn wearing a pussy hat with roses and a sign saying “This Pussy Grabs Back”]

[A chibi Hawkeye/Kate Bishop wearing a pussy hat with roses and arrows and a sign saying “I am a Nasty Woman”]

[A chibi Deadpool wearing a pussy hat with a variety of weapons with a sign reading “I’ve been told to keep all my protests peaceful”]

[A chibi Gamora wearing a pussy hat and a bunch of planets with a sign reading “Now you’ve gone and pissed off the Zen-Whoberis JSYK”]

[A chibi Supergirl wearing a pussy hat and a cape with a sign reading “Fight like a Girl”]

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