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From script to screen - Pt.2.   [ Pt.1. ]


NSFW: How Pentagon is in bed.

A/N: Hi! No one really asked for this but i did this thread on twitter the past week and i thought i could post it here and make it longer for the sake of all the Pentagon stans, right? kkkk

It contens M rated content so underaged people should avoid this. Also don’t read if you are uncomfortable with those topics. 

–Jinho ♡ 

•Mostly quiet lover 

•In the way that he is not really into dirty talk

•And he can easily hold back his moans

•But he is not shy at all 

•It’s rougher than you think 

•Gives the best oral

•He is used to be on top but can switch too

•His hands explore every inch of your skin


•Voice deeper than the ocean while doing it 

•Sexy wispers in your ear 

•Loves when you go down on him 

• Srsly, he would love that

• And puts his hands in your hair when you do it to guide you


•Has a slightly booty fixation so he grabs it a lot  

This motherfucker does it slow

• But at the same time hard


•Casual sex like

•In a minute you are making out in your house

• And it gets steamy and sweaty.

•So you suddenly are f***king and really don’t know why. Not that any of you complain.

•He’s into “spicing up” sex.

•So once in a while he would come to you and say “what if we use a little extra”

• And like this you (or he, even, because he would be up to things like this) end tied on the bed.

• Loves bitting your lips

• And when you do it to him too

 –Yeo One♡ 

• When he looks lowkey horny it’s because he is highkey horny 

• So he starts being touchy until things happen

• Pulling his hands up your legs 

•All about the foreplay in wich he would be preetty good tho

•Moany as fuck 

He starts with the soft breath  but eventually it would become loud (not to the point of screaming either) so… yeah, get a private place to do it

• Because honestly he is the one to keep this kinf of things for himself and no one else except you

•Getting a warm shower after that leads to the 2nd round 

• But that one would turn pretty chill and lovely


•He would be clingy in a daily basis so if he is clingy out off the bed then imagine on it 

•Easy to tell when he wants it 

•Because he really gets touchy, more than Yeo One

• In fact, he never tells you “let’s do it” with words but with actions like giving you a backhug and kissing your neck teasingly

•Masive switch. 

•He’s all over the place

•Energic lover 

• And also fuc***g eager


•Vanilla sex all the way

•Loves to leave kisses all over you like those ones that give you goosebumps because they go slow i don’t know if you get me

•Always finish saying “i love you" 

•Generally it’s you who have to start things unless he is needy

•Scratches turn him on  

•Summarizing: he is a sub 

• So easy to tease 


 •Into sexting

 •You have certain underwear that makes him lose it 

• And he sometimes makes you wear it on purpose like

• “jagi, can’t you wear that white one? It’s my favourite” 

•Really likes it when you moan

•Specially if it’s his name

•And it makes him horny as hell

•Another booty lover and worshiper

•Doesn’t fail, he always tells you that you look so good


• Always top 

•Tells you straight away when he is needy 

• -why are you looking at me like that?”

 + let’s just fuck right now

•Lowkey has a roleplay kink 

•Sends the members out of the house when he knows you are going to do it so he can go full with it 

• Because believe me, it would be noisy

•Love marks 


 •Starting in a slow and emotional way 

•With caresses in your back and smol kisses in your face

•And then getting excited in the way 

•You can taste the transition from when he is slowly touching you to when he just go impatient

 •A lot of kising, seriously, he barely leaves your lips 

 •A lot of licking too   

• The type to kiss your thighs

• Tends to let you ride him 

and he becomes a mess under you


•Good with his hands

•Also likes moany partners 

•Because it turns him on a huge lot

•Often goes down on you. And yes, he is fucking good at it.

•Like Yuto, lightly enjoys blowjobs 

•Tease? Yes he is one

•He doesn’t make you beg for shit but he may be making you a bit frustrated before getting what you want

•But he treats your really good and nice. Always ask you what you want and if everything feels right.

• He is soft, at the end. 

why is he so cute i can’t