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Reminder that a MAD of Kaiba singing Jingle Bells exists

meganmazing  asked:

I've never been a fan of 1D, but you've been so hyped about the new Harry Styles song so I folded and listened to it and holy shit? I felt like crying? Basically, bless you. I hope you have a wonderful day <3

Ahhhh, @meganmazing that’s so exciting!!!! SO exciting!! Thank you for giving it a chance, I’m so glad you like it!! Isn’t it beautiful??? His voice is so amazing and robust and strong and he has so much range and puts so much feeling into it. I am just….really really into this song!

Let’s listen again, shall we?

Or on spotify!!

And we’re getting another new song tonight???!!! He’s performing on SNL!!! It’s on at 11:30 EST (find out when that is for you here!) and streaming live on youtube!! He’s going to do Sign of the Times live and something else, and he is amazing on stage, and just….I AM SO EXCITE

This is what he’d do with a fidget spinner-

Harry Potter AU where everything is the same but Harry is really just a muggle.
  • Mcgonagall: Albus, Harry has been at this school for 5 years and he hasn't conjured a single spell. Maybe you were wrong, he could be a muggle.
  • Dumbledore: A muggle? Srsly Minerva gtfo I'm always right. Late bloomer ammaright.
  • Mcgonagall: -_-|||

what she say: hahaha thanks 

what she means: why does everyone keep on saying MCR is coming back together in 2017 because of other bands that broke up stayed apart for the same amount of years i mean there is no sign of any of them thinking of returning from the dead and Gerard has his own career and a daughter growing up and like the MCR fandom is hurt enough as it is and you have no proof whatsoever that a reunion is about to happen PLEASE SPARE ME 

i love how in 30 Rock they managed to give you jack x liz without ever actually committing to it or taking it seriously. 

  • they accidentally get married  
  • colleen assumed she was his fiancee when they first meet

  • milton thought liz was the one expecting a child with jack 

  • various girlfriends thinking liz as a threat 

  • angie calling jack liz’s husband on purpose (bc she didn’t really care about them)

guys i dont care that its an hour long, you absolutely need need need to watch this. 

There was also a period, just before we’d hit it off, where Luke and I hated one another for a bit. It was over a girl at school. He’d really liked her and I’d liked her too, but I’d asked the question first.
—  Michael Clifford. Hey, Let’s Make A Band!