srsly do what u do


Did I avoid my studying responsibilities just to draw them– yes; am I ashamed of myself–honestly yes


Don’t think about the kiss, James.

He’s thinking about the kiss. 

Little reminder for artists and writers

Whenever you look at your old works and think “ew ugly” remember that if you hadn’t drawn/written them, you couldn’t have achieved progress and draw/write the way you do nowadays.

Also remember that your future self might consider ugly the things that you’re proud off currently, just like your old self was of those old “ugly” drawings/writings.

They’re part of our development as artists/writers so don’t feel ashamed of what you did, cuz it was necessary to become better and that process stands day by day.

So don’t hate your old works, treasure them because they helped us to grown up in what we do.

Without past there’s no present and future.

I swear to GOD if anyone comes to me and says any shit about how short boys aren’t attractive I’m gonna throw some fists 👊🏼

anonymous asked:

Would you consider doing a meet the artist thing😍?

meet the raisuba enthusiast who is too lazy to convert her height into usa’s unit of measurement!!

Law with wing tattoos, there’s probably 3 pairs on him right now. Also Zoro being pretty megane trash~

*You can just tell Cora-san is in flames right now.

A fusion between Aizen Sosuke & Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez

because i have no chill. Honestly all belongs to Aizen, except eye color and markings and the eyebrows and well the clothing. I wanted to draw Aizen for you ila / @deusuprema but then I accidentally drew over his eyes the eyebrows from Grimmjow and then well … fuck it. Also I want that you wake up to something weird B’)

Self-care is taking a shower because it’s been three days and self-care is taking a shower because the warm water feels nice and self-care is not taking a shower even though it’s been a few days because you’re not up to it. Self-care is battening down the hatches and getting that project out of the way and self-care is calling or texting or going out with your friends and self-care is avoiding all contact and watching netflix for hours. Self-care is taking yourself out to dinner and self-care is making a healthy fruit smoothie and self-care is only eating top ramen. Self-care is all of these things and more because the primary term in self-care is self. The principle of radical self-care is doing what you need to do whether it’s considered “productive” or not. Self-care means different things to different people at different times and that is all valid! Self-care is a tool that each person uses in their own way. The one thing self-care is not is something you can define for anybody else.