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                                      “This is an age where righteousness is hard to uphold" 

apparently my new hobby is collecting unnecessary commentary on the posts on my main blog that serves specifically to derail them so they can apply to abled people


someone has a case of “fallen and can’t get up”

avengers/mcu questions i would rather seen asked...

The incredibly frustrating thing I’ve seen about interviews these days is that these media people just don’t do their fucking homework.  Did you guys just…. I don’t know, sleep or skip that class in college?

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I dread interviews as a writer.  But as my own boss taught me, the first rule of interviews is that you don’t ask questions that you can easily look up and verify and you ask questions when you want something clarified, explained, possibly revealed and elaborated. 

So rather than inane shipping questions and shit like “how did you fit into your catsuit?” I would rather have seen the following:

a.  Chris Evans - I read an article that you actually like to draw and that you entertained ambitions of getting into Pixar/Disney one day, before turning to acting instead.  So we’re curious, are you the person who did the Captain Monkey drawings we saw in the first Cap movie?  Were you the one who actually did the other drawings whenever we see Steve Rogers drawing?

b.  Scarlett Johansson - We really loved the fact that Widow and Cap were portrayed as good friends, rather as love interests in The Winter Soldier.  Is it possible for you to give us any headcanons/backstory that you and Chris must’ve come up with to portray that on screen?  Can you share that with us (if we’re not spoiling anything) ?   

The fans are really exited over the possibility of a Black Widow movie.  If you could get that opportunity, would you want this as a prequel or more of a “further adventures” of the character following the Avengers/other MCU films? 

c.  Jeremy Renner -  We totally understand that you can’t really say what happened in Budapest with the Black Widow.  But do you have a personal backstory that you can tell us instead? 

Tfw ur a shipper and ur mom scans thru ur drawing notebook
  • Me: Um, ok mom i think u can stop now. Srsly mom there's nothing there. Can i have it back now? Oh ok ur still going thru it- WAIT SHIT NO DON'T TURN THAT - I mean, just- skip that page. It's full of ga- boring shit i mean. Trust me mom there's nothing there. Absolutely nothing. Um what? Wh-what queer stuff?? OH U MEAN THAT C'MON MOM THAT'S NOTHING CLOSE TO ANYTHING GAY THEY'RE JUST TWO BEST FRIENDS KISSING!!!

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