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Oooookay, time for a happy question. What is your favorite thing about the main three (that you allowed to tell us so far)?

I wanted to draw something to this but time is not on my side so I will answer now XD

Gosh I don’t know XD I guess their relationship with each other? Milo and Zack remind me a lot of my little brothers and how they acted with each other or with their friends, and Melissa’s relationship with both of them is such a nice balance. I’ve always thought Milo being the little brother of the trio, the kid who’s got things under control in every situation yet absolutely relies on Zack and Melissa for a touch of reality and care that he can’t really get from anyone else. Zack needs the punch of fun Milo and Melissa provide and Melissa needs the boys to entertain and support her in their unique ways.

That was all REALLY vague and I REALLY wish I could say more but I’ll just spoil everything. But omg PLEASE ask me this question when more episodes have come and gone! The relationship between these three kids and the effects they each have on each other is something that I love the most about them.


i canNOT believe a; slkdjf;lajksd  ok let me get this out of the way because i AM happy about it, but:  jesse and wally FINALLY

now.  HARRY AND CISCO!!!  ahhhh this was such a great episode harrisco-wise.  and poor harry thinking he was going to be replaced 😩  “there’s only one harry”.  and “i care for you too” AND THEN THE HUG.  ;lkajs;ldkjf  they were standing there and i was praying it would happen and thank GOD

ok honestly i’m not even sure why i’m going to post this bc i’m sure there’s already people saying the same thing but…

anyway.  i’m done.  now i’m going to see/reblog all the wonderful gifsets and cry

All these dormant Bleach fans I didn’t know I was following! Nice of y’all to not tag your stuff. My tag blacklist works really well when you don’t *goes to block additional tags like IR and IH in hopes it will block the body of the text*  If FT ever goes this route, I will evict myself from this fandom immediately.