• What She Says: I'm fine
  • What She Means: Have you noticed that Mr. Strickler is actually trying to be a really good teacher to Jim at the very beginning of the series!? Like, you can tell he really does enjoy teaching history to his students, he takes note of Jim's struggles to pay attention in class and takes the time to figure out why that is, AND he goes out of his way to try to get Jim and his mother to talk with him about these difficulties and asks Jim to visit him to talk anytime he needs to; and ALL BEFORE HE KNEW THAT JIM WAS THE NEXT TROLLHUNTER! Like...what would be his motives to do all those things except for just genuinely loving his job as a teacher!? Sure, there's the huge difficulty then with him spearheading the effort to rebuild Killahead Bridge which could potentially lead to the doom of all mankind - of course including his said students - so yeah, not sure about his reasoning on that one. Though from his other dialogue - and the doubts about him expressed by Bular - there is a large part of him that's become fond of the humanity he's lived with and taught for the last who-knows-how-many years, and that he shows signs of wanting to negotiate some sort of peace with Gunmar to ensure that at least some people are protected from the Gumm-Gumm's onslaught. So feels were genuinely a wreck over him being revealed as a villain at the end of episode 01. Like...WHY!!??

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what do you think jimin would be like as a boyfriend?

i think jimin wouldn’t be an overly romantic boyfriend but definitely one that pays attention to the small details. he’d be attentive and remember tiny things about you that even you might think are irrelevant. he’d also love staring at you doing mundane things like tying your hair back or working on your homework and then he’d smile enough that his eyes crinkle if you caught him staring. although jimin wouldn’t be too into pda except a hand on your waist or a kiss on the cheek, he’d definitely be proud to show you off to his friends and family. if jimin became your boyfriend it’s because he seriously fell in love with you and would want to be with you for a long time like he’s said before “ i want a love story where i will only love one person for a lifetime.” his outlook on love would definitely reflect the way he acts as a boyfriend. also bc of his incredible flexibility, stamina, and those tHIGHS he’d be an amazing lover 

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I freaking love you. You're just so amazing and awesome! And your story are fantastic! Like, how are you so perfect with your cosplay and writings? Like, how? Smile, cuz you're better than perfect!

Thank you lovely <3 I really needed this right now haha. Trin is running low on spoons.
I’m not perfect at all, I just try my bestest and do what I think is fun. But I’m really touched that you, in fact quite a bunch of you lovely followers, enjoy my writing. I’m just a maladaptive daydreamer with a pen, but at least I can make y’all nerds happy with it heh ^-^

I promise I’ll try to smile! Thank you so much

Pros and Con's of Being My Friend

((has this been done already???))

*give good piggy back rides, v strong noodle arms
*honest advice
*up for deep convos at 3AM
*im kind of funny i guess??

*i never stop texting
*i have a severe jealousy problem
*will go on and on for hours about a show/game/band i love
*clingy as HECK
*probably a stalker