Some screenshots of tweets from one of the writers of Ninjago (I believe?). I found some that were pretty informing.

So we know ;

Ronin is somewhere in his 30s.

Lloyd has not aged mentally at first, but is catching up. He is also 5-6 years younger than the main ninjas.

LGBT is up for interpretation for ANY character.

And apparently age ain’t important. OTL

OK so I know we saw Hinata on extremely shaky legs at the end of the match but was I the only one expecting him to like have a broken jaw or at the very least lose a tooth or smth I mean how many times did that boy get hit in the face by volleyballs and not only a volleyball but one hit by ushi-freaking-jima like how much force was behind that I mean halfway through the match he was all “i can taste blood” but ??? He just kept playing??? And apparently was fine????

Kit Kats are made of Kit Kats. The manufacturers leave no Kit Kat uneaten, so every reject is mashed into a paste that’s used to fill the wafers. Because every imperfect Kit Kat was already filled with other imperfect Kit Kats, and some of the Kit Kats they’ll fill will also be rejected, every time you eat a Kit Kat, you’re basically eating layers of Kit Kats within Kit Kats within Kit Kats. Source

If your nearest Waffle House is closed, you should probably run. Because the 24-hour chains only shut down during absolute devastation, FEMA unofficially determines the severity of natural disasters by whether local Waffle Houses remain open or not. They call this “The Waffle House Index.” Source

Fogbows are like rainbows without color. Also known as white rainbows, you can only see them in the fog if the sun is at your back. Though rare, they occur when water droplets that would normally form a rainbow are too small to reflect the light wavelengths that create colors. Source Source 2 Source 3