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is it worth watching Tokyo Ghoul?? Or is the manga better??

It depends on what type of person u are anon!!

if you like knowing the whole story & want to be as obsessed as I am of it, you need to read the manga! It’s the only way

I loved watching Tokyo Ghoul after obsessing over the manga pages, but I recommend just season 1, season 2 is really vague compared to the manga; where it gets deep in that area. And even then you’ll be left with a cliff hanger ending (that’s not even completely accurate -_-) and they still haven’t even done s3, so… yeah, it’ll be a nightmare.

my recommendation is 100% the manga, and if you want to watch the characters come to life like me with every series I read, then watch s1 of Tokyo Ghoul! :)

But this is all my opinion! I say go with whatever u want!! 

What if...

Fenrys is the one who tries to keep Aelin sane while Rowan comes? He knows Rowan is coming, and he knows he will get Aelin out.

But what if Aelin is too broken? No, he thinks. The Queen endured too much, she risked so much, gave up everything. Fenrys knew there was no way in hell Rowan wasn’t coming for her, and he knew that there was nothing that would stand in the Prince’s way. 

Maybe it was Fenrys’ turn to do some good. So he works around every command, he looks for every possible loophole, to maybe take away a bit of Aelin’s pain, heal her wounds, talk to her, remind her that Rowan is coming, and that she has to hold on. And even when Maeve finds out, and she punishes him, he still tries. He can’t take away her pain anymore, so he gives her water. He can’t heal her, so he feeds her. 

So Fenrys prays to every God that’s listening that Rowan gets there before Maeve goes after Connall, because he knows who he’s going to choose.