Simrin did not come to play

⊰♦⊱— ‘El Cancelero’

El sonido de las gotas de agua negra resbalando en la piedra lo despertaron lentamente del sopor en el cual fuerzas externas lo sumergieron hacia tantos años de atroz olvido cuando la derrota lo definió como el más grande de los caídos. Sin embargo, si dijera que solamente la causa del regreso al mundo de la consciencia era aquel no sería honesto con la magnitud de su entelequia.  La razón, más profunda y poderosa, era un sentimiento de familiaridad imposible de extirpar. Lo sentía. Un poder oscuro, parecido al suyo, estaba cerca,  haciendo resonar en eco al contacto con el propio.

“Siento ese cosmo…” exhaló desde las profundidades lúgubres de la prisión oscura a la cual fue confinado. “Recuerdo…recuerdo ese color…esta sensación que corta el aire como el grito de un agonizante…Este cosmo de sangre solo puede pertenecer a un dios…Mi hijo mayor…ese al que llaman Hades, el emperador negro…”


Remembering Robert Godwin Sr., victim of Facebook live shooting

  • As the manhunt continues for Steve Stephens, the family of the victim, 74-year-old Robert Godwin Sr., have taken to social media to honor the life of a beloved relative they say was “a good man” through and through.
  • Below are some of the details of Godwin’s life, as described by those who loved him.
  • “He’d give you the shirt off his back,” one of Godwin’s family members said during a tearful interview with CNN affiliate WOIO
  • “This man right here was a good man. I hate he’s gone. I don’t know what I’m going to do. … It’s not real.”
  • Family mattered most to him. In an interview with, Godwin’s son, Robert Godwin Jr., said that his father is survived by nine children, 14 grandchildren and many great grandchildren.
  • He loved to fish and clean up litter. Godwin Jr. said that his father had gone fishing the Saturday before he was killed, a hobby he particularly enjoyed in his retirement. 
  • He also said that Godwin Sr. often patrolled the streets with a plastic shopping bag, picking up the aluminum cans he saw on the ground along the way. Read more (4/17/17 1 PM)

isak and even are totally those high school sweethearts who everyone hates. someone’s like, “no one ever actually meets the love of their life in high school.” oh wait there’s evak walking their dog at the park with even’s hand casually slipped into the back pocket of isak’s jeans, and everyone knows that he’s grabbing isak’s ass through the denim. someone else complains that there’s no such thing as soulmates, that you just end up settling for someone you can stand. but look, there’s evak, still making out everywhere they go like they’re horny teenagers who’ve just made their relationship status official. one person points out that most couples who get married young just end up getting divorced, but evak is at it once again, holding each other’s hands reverently just to gaze at their weddings rings even though they got back from their honeymoon a good month ago. 

fuck them, honestly. 

Gentle reminder that you can be trans the way you want to be trans

You’re open about being trans or even an openly trans activist? That’s fine!
You’re living stealth? That’s fine!

You love being trans? That’s fine!
You hate being trans? That’s fine! (I’m sorry, but still it’s fine!)

You feel like you’re genitals don’t determine your gender and therefor don’t want bottom surgery? That’s fine!
You feel like your genitals do determine your gender and therefor you want bottom surgery? That’s fine!

You’re attracted to other trans people? That’s fine!
You’re not attracted to other trans people? That’s fine!

We are all individuals and we all do things our own way. And that’s fine!
Don’t start arguments or fights because we don’t always see eye to eye on what it’s like to be trans. We can’t always see eye to eye, because we’re all living our own version of it.

Let’s embrace our differences and stick together. We need each other!

like, i am really really concerned with how much misinformation is spread about bottom surgery: that it isn’t “functional” or won’t ever be as “good” as a cisgender man’s penis (you don’t get to decide what’s “good” or not for another person! that’s a personal decision!), that they aren’t aesthetically pleasing or convincing/that one won’t be able to pass with a phalloplasty or metoidioplasty (wrong! i have read so, so many accounts of post-op trans men having sex without ever having to disclose! also, have y'all ever even seen a photo of a fully-healed phalloplasty result?), or that if you have bottom surgery you’ll lose the ability to orgasm (so, so wrong!!)

and there are SO many guys–and particularly a lot of younger guys who are only connecting w/other trans men here or elsewhere on the internet + have little to no interactions with post-transition guys (and mind you, i say this because that was me like 5 to 7 years ago), since they don’t experience other viewpoints and so are particularly vulnerable to this–who will take all this false info at face value and totally believe it. this is DANGEROUS. it discourages folks from further investigating procedures that, for them, could be life-saving. after seeing so much shit-talk, slander, and disgust on here thrown around about bottom surgery results, i didn’t start doing my own research until about 4 years ago.

please: do your own research before you just accept what someone tells you about surgical procedures, and for the love of g-d, PLEASE stop putting down other people’s results. you do not have the right, and it’s damn cruel–keep it to yourself.