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classyraptor  asked:

Which gen is your favorite?

eeek this is kinda hard for me to answer but well

I really like (haters gonna hate) gen III, because it’s when I started playing pokemon (ah yes,sapphire….good memories). The pokemon are really well designed since they are supposed to fit an environment and my favourite from this gen is Altaria.

Buut, (again, haters gonna hate), gen V haves a special place in my heart. I admit I didn’t like the pokemon designs at first, but as I played the game and trained those pokemon, I grew really close to them. My favourites are Chandelure and Reuniclus. Not to mention that both BW/BW2 have in my opinion, the best characters/trainers and storyline in the pokemon history (no i’m not even exaggerating). It also has my favourite soundtrack and Rotation battles!

So, yeah, Gen V is the best gen to me. uwu