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bless this. small danny boy is so important. can you let him know i love him? because i do. he's amazing.

//look im sorry i dont have time to draw anything better asgfhg but u r like super sweet n we luv u


♥ Feliz Dia dos Namorados - 06/12 ♥

First pic: Brazil and Nyo!Japan ( @asknyojapan-kawaii )

Second pic: Nyo!Brazil and Nyo!Colombia ( @ask-siblingsgrancolombia )

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Dissonance | #12 #20

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Anon: Can you do 12 and 20 with min yoongi please! 

#12 “it’s possible to listen with your heart, you know…”
#20 “Don’t be so hard on yourself.”

authors note: this one is really cute to me, i hope you like itღ 
summary: Your audition didn’t go well. He noticed.

He sat alone in the dorm, bedridden from a minor swore throat and migraine. There wasn’t much for him to do, he hasn’t so much as left the comfortable confines of need his bed, blankets and the excessive pillows you liked to buy for him. 

baby: im upset, come get me

He looked at the top of his phone screen, seeing your contact name flash momentarily.

Yoongs🍞🍯: um what happened, what about your audition

You looked over his message, your guitar case sitting at your feet as you grimaced.

baby: i dont want to talk about it. come get me plz☹️

He furrowed his brows, quickly typing his response with a slight smile. As soon as he pressed send he saw your typing bubble, he knew you were upset but he found you to be so cute when you were like this.

Yoongs🍞🍯: srry bby you know im supposed to be resting, doctors orders🤧

“How dare he…” You started typing vigorously. He thought this was funny but you didn’t think so. 

You: You’re not that sick Yoongi.😡  ANd how would you like to know that your soon to be ❌-girlfriend is sitting outside on a wet park bench. sad. so if you care about me Min Yoongi you’ll get your lazy ass out here and gt me. im not in the mood.💀

He read your text and it hit him that you weren’t kidding and if knew what was good for him he’d get up and get you. He sighed, taking the comfy blanket off and shivering from the freezing cold air conditioner. As he slipped on a flannel and shoes he was texting you back.

Yoongs🍞🍯: hold on I’ll be there in 20

You looked in the distance, hoping to see his car but he was nowhere to be found. It’s been 30 minutes since he last texted you and you had half a mind to catch the bus. It was about to rain and you’ve had it up to here today, one more mess up would set you off, you just knew it.

“Excuse me, are you Y/N?” You looked over the man standing in front, he looked familiar.

“Yes.” You glanced up at him, seeing that he had his guitar on his back.

For what it’s worth, I think you did great.” He smiled before walking off. It wasn’t worth that much, you thought. Now you remembered why he looked so familiar, he was one of the participates for the the song writer position and he actually made it, unlike you. As soon as he was out of sight you saw Yoongi pulling up to the front and he rolled his eyes at the way you glared at him.

You picked up your guitar case and up the back seat and tossed it back there. You opened the passengers seat with a lot of exaggerated body language and threw yourself in the seat.

“20 minutes my butt…” You mumbled, putting on your seat belt and crossing your arms. 

He pulled off, glancing at you with a sigh. “What’s wrong baby.” He knew you were gonna put off telling him the real reason, he was prepared to keep asking, like always.

“Wouldn’t you like to know…” You hissed, laying your head against the door, staring out the window.

“Yeah, I would but if you’re gonna act like a-…” He cut himself off, not daring to let that word slip from his lips.

You scoffed. “Act like what Yoongi? Act like what?” When he stopped at the red light he gave you a look. “You act like you’ve never had a bad day…” You already had a bad day and now you were fighting with your boyfriend. Could it get any worse?

“Fine. When you decide you’re gonna be a big girl and articulate your feelings. We can talk…” And he left it at that. The two of you would get in arguments like this a lot. One of you would be upset, the other would be pissed that they don’t know why. 

“I got cut, okay? Thay cut me.” You said bluntly, staring forward with no emotion on your face. “They said my melodies needed work and my progressions weren’t strong, they said listeners wouldn’t accept it well…” You peered at him, eyes almost teary. “They said I can try again next season…” You twiddled your fingers, waiting for him to say something. He just exhaled lowly, giving you an apologetic look before taking a sudden turn. Instead of taking you home he decided he would drive to your favorite date spot, the lake.

“Come on, get out.” He said casually as he got but you only watched him, slouching further into your seat. You wouldn’t mind if the world swallowed you up right now, not even your favorite date spot could change that.

Eventually you opened the door. He grabbed your hand to walk beside you to on pavement by the water. You wouldn’t really look at him, you stared down at your feet as you walked with heavy steps. 

You sighed, “I hate this. I tried so hard but it wasn’t worth it…I have to try twice as hard to be half as good and I still don’t get in…” It was true, you’ve always felt like you were over exalting yourself, trying to hard for no damn reason…

“Don’t be so hard on yourself.” He looked down at you, leaving a peck on your forehead. “Those idiots don’t know what they’re talking about, you make beautiful music and they’re stupid if they can’t see it.” At this point you had stopped to sit on your usual bench, overlooking the bridge and lake. 

“You’re just saying that because I’m your girlfriend, you don’t mean it…” You were really thick-skulled sometimes, he didn’t understand how you could be so stubborn when he was trying so hard to help you. He loved you though, he could never stop trying to get you to listen to him because he loved you so much. But for some reason, the gape in the relationship was you. You pour your love out on everything but yourself, that scared him. He feared that one day you might leave him because he couldn’t fill that gap.

“No, I’m not. I love you, I love you more than anything I wouldn’t lie to you, you know that.” He instinctively rubbed the back of your hand with his thumb, coaxing you to lay your head on his shoulder like always.

“It’s possible to listen with your heart, you know…” You made a small sound of confusion, not really knowing what he meant by that. “You do everything thing from your heart, I noticed that…that’s why your feelings get hurt so easily.” He giggled a little at the memory of you crying over little arguments you’ve had.

“In a way, you’ve shown me how to do that…listen to you, even when your not saying anything. But baby, sometimes you have to say something.” He delicate kissed your forehead again. “I’m here for you baby…Always.”