srry this is so cute

anonymous asked:

how do i talk to a cute boy i only seen in the halls sos

Good question! I feel like I can’t give a good answer because the only thing I can think of is just stop him in the hall one day and talk to him! Maybe you two share a mutual friend? Or a friend of a friend? Maybe you guys live close to each other or you share the same favorite tv show. Maybe just start by saying ‘hi’ in the hallway a few times and slowly work into asking little questions here and there. Maybe he has social media! 

the-lord-of-the-pies  asked:

-crashes in through the window action movie style- WHO NEEDS INSPIRATION? Draw the ice ice bby knitting a sweater. Icelanders love to knit, the whole lot of em, so he would totally knit himself or his puffin a lopapeysa.

ok this is shitty but *throws it at ur face* THE IDEA IS SO CUTE HONESTLY I JUST 


9/? random gifs of day6: adorably awkward dowoon & his aegyo ♥