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Heyyy~ I really love your blog ^^ Can you do a Nct reaction (127 + Ten) when they gf asks them to take a shower together ? Thank you !



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Taeil would grin, unsure of your intentions.
“Do you need help?”
He’d be a bit of a smart-ass about it, inquiring why you needed him to be with you. He’d end his teasing as you began to whine, letting you pull him into the bathroom, grinning cheekily.


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He has waited for you to ask him all day.


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*nods cutely*
I think he’d actually think about showering before doing anything naughty, glad he could spend his time talking with you as he washed his hair.


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No questions asked.


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He’d nod, unsure if he was the only one thinking of doing naughty things and if you actually wanted to just shower.


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To be honest, he’d be so cheeky, but would be a little flustered you were so ‘needy’.
“I showered this morning though-”
*would definitely join anyway*


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He’d be amused by your request, agreeing immediately.
“Of course.”


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He’d be cute, hiding his erotic thoughts as you requested he join you innocently.

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Heya would it be possible to get an imagine for when Alex summers takes you strawberry picking as you're first date + things you weren't supposed to hear? Thank you xo -your writing is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Things you weren’t supposed to hear + Alex Summers

Note: Your request is really cute, but I took out the strawberry picking part, I hope you don’t mind! I just liked the things you weren’t supposed to hear as it’s own prompt. (this started as angst srry)

Alex isn’t quite sure when he crossed the line into liking you or when these feelings erupted and took over his every thought, when you took over his every thought. He’s not very sure when the line was crossed of wanting to be more than just friends, maybe when you started with lingering touches or when he started to smile at you more. He’s not sure when the beating of his heart picked up every time he saw you, he’s not sure when it started and he’s not sure if it’ll ever stop.

But with the way your body is still clung to his, even when you’re sleeping, he can’t deny the fact that maybe you feel the same way as him, Alex is just too… Scared? Nervous? Insecure? He could never pinpoint the thing that just stopped him from acting more on these feelings, he couldn’t ruin this, whatever it was. He couldn’t ruin what he had with you, so he opted for faint touches and timid smiles.

Tonight was different than normal as your arms were wrapped around him, your head pressed against his chest you slept as soundly as you could with Alex’s hammering heart threatening to burst out of his chest. There was no way he was sleeping tonight, not with the smell of your shampoo piercing his nose and your warm body draped over his.

Usually it was the other way around, your fingers tangled in his hair, soothing him. Alex was usually the one with the nightmares, the one with impending dread around his life, but when you came into his room, tears threatening to spill from your eyes, he didn’t question you, opening his arms to let you calm down and sleep with him tonight, any night if you needed it.

Words seemed to want to escape his lips and his brain was debating if it’d even matter, you were asleep anyway. So when he spoke a few choice words, he found a large weight lifting off of his chest. “I love you.” Alex whispered, his hand still rubbing small circles into the small of your back as you rested against his chest, breathing still slow due to sleep. Alex didn’t want to stop there, he needed to keep going, “I’ve never felt this way before, you’re so-” He stopped himself to bring his voice down lower. “I can’t get you out of my head.” He’s continuing to ramble on, words of why he’s scared to admit that he’s so desperately in love to you for real.

You woke up somewhere in the middle of it, your attempt at breathing the same as you did when you were sleeping, obviously working because his voice doesn’t let up, whispering out words like I love you over and over, you lay there and listen.

You know it’s not your place, not now, so you don’t speak. You let him voice out his insecurities of this, whatever you two are and it slowly eases your own, letting you know he does in fact feel the same way about you.

He’s not sure when he stopped talking, but his voice eventually fades off, leaving your mind reeling at different possibilities or if you should have spoken. You have to speak, you don’t think they’ll ever be a better time than now.

“I love you, too.” You whisper, your voice coming out smaller than it meant to, you hope he heard you.

“W-what?” Alex stumbles out, his hand stilling against your back and you’re suddenly leaning up on your elbow to look down at his face, it’s dark and you can’t seem him very well, but you can tell that he’s shocked.

Confidence surged through your body as you said the words again. “I love you.”

“You heard me?” He questioned, dumbfounded.

You rolled your eyes in the dark of the room, hoping he could see it. “I was sleeping, I wasn’t dead.”

Alex laughs, despite his nerves tingling all over his body as he looks up at you, your features are hard to make out in the dark, so he reaches his hand up, carefully sliding it across your cheek to hold your face, a small smile playing on his lips, your head leaning down closer to his on instinct. “Can I kiss you?”

Your breath hitches at his words and you decide not to reply, leaning your head down closer just the last bit to ghost your lips over his, scared of breaking the final boundary, but your lips are pressing against his before you can even question it more. His lips are pressing back to yours just as hard, lips moving together and you’re relishing in the feeling of finally doing this, finally letting out how you truly felt, his hand sliding back into your hair as you both pull away to take a breath, his forehead held to yours.

“I love you.” You both breathe out.


Before post: “iM CrYInG BEcAUSE OF THE DLC SPAce sENSOR ThOUGhtS” A couple of ppl have just asked me through anon if I can post the SpaceShip Sensor thingies and I just wanted to warn you all because like;;; hella spoilers.

EDIT: So ima put this under the cut, srry mobile users. T_T

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BTS Reaction #15

BTS reacting to you blowing in their ear to wake them up then running away

Seokjin: “Aww are you trying to be cute jagi? Well too bad you’re not as cute as me”

*chases you when you run away and latches onto you*

“Am I cute enough yet Y/N??”

*blows into your ear*

“Ahhh!! Jin that tickles!!”

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Yoongi: *bleep*

Hoseok: *he wakes up flailing around like crazy*


“Hehe, sorry I just wanted to wake you up”

*he jumps off the bed and latches onto your body like a koala*

“YOU GOT ME SCARED JAGI!!!” *screams into your arm*

Namjoon: *you blow into his ear cutely*

“Wake up, Namjooooon”

*he abruptly wakes and sits up, accidentally crashing his head into you*



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Jimin: *wakes up when you blow into his ear*


*you giggle and run away to hide*

“Fine, but you asked for it Y/N”

*gets out of bed and chases you around*

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Taehyung: *shifts around when you blow into his ear*

“Ahhh, jagi that tickles a lot”

*catches you before you can run away*

“Tae, let me go!!”

*blows raspberries onto your cheeks*

“Nope, it’s only fair!!”

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Jungkook: *he doesn’t wake up or budge when you blow into his ear*

“Man, do I really have to do that?”

*you reach down and twist his nipple*


“Really Kookie? That’s the ONLY way you’ll wake up??!!”

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"The florists, Yama and Hinata are hopelessly in love with the two baristas at the cafe across the street, Tsukki and Kageyama." If they get to date or just flirt without shame, is on you (I hope both, tho) Have a nice day ❤️

i’m srry this took me a while to get to u anon!! it ended up becoming a lot longer than i thought bc this prompt was just too cute to set aside! you can also read this on ao3, here’s the link if u prefer that!! hope u guys enjoy :’0

word count: 4.9k

Yamaguchi and Hinata both gave a collective sigh of relief. They were finally on their lunch break and as much as they loved working at the flower shop, they really needed it. As they walked onto the street, they waved goodbye to Nishinoya and Tanaka who would be covering for them while they were gone. Yamaguchi was only the slightest bit worried that something would go wrong, but he left that possible problem for future-him.

Their walk slowed as the two talked about where to go to have lunch.

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O my god ur art is SO ADORABLE !!! So like what if lance and Keith were in preschool all bffs but then lance does something stupid and gets Keith mad, so lance feels bad and gives hims a flower all flustered. And Keith is lik u better b srry! Srry I just rly lik them being cute cx

OH MY GOD THANK YOU SO MUCH!! .w. I’m so sorry this took me so long, I’ve been kinda busy now that I started my new semester u_u

This end up being longer thant I thought. It’s not exactly the same as you asked but I hope you like it uwu 

Some kids make fun of Keith and Lance gets mad, end up fighting and that’s the result bc you don’t mess with his best friend (ง •̀_•́)ง

i’m finally sitting down to write this. are u guys ready.

here is the story of how nearly everyone in the karasuno vball team started playing neko atsume and how everything goes wrong but then okay

(note: i kinda forgot to mention ennoshita, kinoshita, and narita so please know that they are there i just Suck™) also i know some of them have flip phones but to make this easier let’s just say they all have smartphones 👍

another note: the only ship that is explicitly stated here is tsukkiyama lmao (it’s not rly a big part of the story but i had to do it srry). u can see other ships mb if ya squint

this ended up being way longer than i thought so i’m putting most of it under the cut ok cool here we go

  • it starts with kenma. he gets the app first bc it looks cute n he likes cats so why not
  • anyways a few days later he decides to show it to hinata bc he likes it enough to recommend it and hinata is…… hooked. like he is all abt this game, he is ready
  • hinata shares the app with everyone in the club room, going on super excitedly about it like……. you know those anime sparkles?? that’s what’s happening rn to him. he is so excited abt these cats
  • so after showing it and explaining it, the team decides to download the app (some much more reluctant than others) (i’m looking @ tsukki and kags rn) (humor the small orange pls)
  • they all really don’t see the appeal but they keep it for hinata’s sake
  • hinata also tells yachi abt the game rly fast during practice before running off to go spike kageyama’s face or smth
  • and yachi downloads it too bc she is a sucker for cute things and cute cats
  • kiyoko walks over to her and asks what hinata was asking just to make sure there isn’t any problems or w/e and yachi (who is really a blushing mess when it comes to kiyoko) (me too yachi) tells her abt the game and she downloads it as well !!
  • so yea all the karasuno Kiddos now have the game and maybe you’re thinking rn, that’s it ??? that’s everything???
  • here’s the part where everything goes to hell

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