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i call this the ‘i just woke up’ look


Oh, sure! It happens all the time! Georgi’s habit of eating his feelings has finally caught up with him, and Chris isn’t looking so trim these days, either! When you think about it, it makes sense that a competitive athlete would put on weight if they suddenly stop doing as much exercise as their body is used to. Plus, Yuuri winning lots of medals while he was fat helped lots of skaters to realize that maybe being fat isn’t the worst thing in the world, after all!

i hate when ur editing and then u have idea and since ur adhd™ u gotta write it down so u dont Forget it and then u start planning then out and start editing it and abandon ur original it and then ur in the middle of that edit and have another idea and write-

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HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OH BOY SIRIUS FUCKIN BLACK LETS DO THIS. alright so me and this drama queen are scorpio buddies and i’m getting canis major tattooed on my shoulder sometime soon (thanks to the lovely @nargles for accepting my commission, it’s absolutely gorgeous)

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Blackinnon. bc like. Marlene is the female version of Sirius confirmed. also prongsfoot 

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sirius is a very complex character, and when i read fics that portray him as a snarky sarcastic little shit, it bothers me not that he isn’t one tho, its just that he’s MORE than just that ya feel alSO WHY WAS HE SO DAMN OLD IN THE MOVIES WTF like i love you gary oldman but siRIUS WAS A WEE BAB WHEN ALL THIS SHIT STARTED HAPPENING THERE IS NO WAY HE WAS LIKE 40 PLUS IN 1993 OKAY

  • what i wish was cannon

1) him influencing regulus a bit more and insisting on talking to him even after he had been disowned so that he could still try and protect reg from the death eaters 2) that he trusted remus during the first wizarding war and didnt believe him to be the traitor 3) that he remained secret keeper for james and lily 4) that instead of chasing down peter, he took harry from godric’s hollow and raised him with remus 5) that he diDNT FUCKING DIE HOW RUDE

i m vry picky abt mai aesthetic……. can u guyz tell??? O.o (th gif below represents me and u… i iz the pichu bro cleanin my blog vry carefully makin sure it looks rlly perfect… an mai followerz 2 the yawning pichu bro bc i take 5ever to post thingz bc im so pickyyyy)

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