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#YoungAndRichBamBamDay (may 2nd, 1997)

you may be considered an adult now, but sorry, Bammie, you’ll always be my bb boy 😚💓💓  in all seriousness though, i’m so proud of how much you’ve grown the last few years and of the man you have become.  i’ll always be by your side, Bam, and never ever forget how much i care for you !!!

today a 🐍  evolved into a 🐉

you were the first boy i ever wrote about. and the thing is, i’m not sad. the thing is, you’re gonna read this at midnight and try to find every word i wrote four years ago. the thing is, nothing is safe these days. those poems are ashes now, they burnt out in my brain. the thing is, you haven’t changed. i bet you’ve still got blisters on your heels. i bet you have a box in your closet filled with candy wrappers and flower heads. i’ve been getting more sleep lately. my head don’t hurt the same. and i swore i wouldn’t write about this. i swore i’d let it go up in flames. but four years just don’t go away.
—  the sun series / a.m

a fanmade trailer for the amazing book carry on by @rainbowrowell. i’ve spent months on this and so much thought has gone into this project, so pleeease reblog!!

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idk how, but someone my blog reached 100 followers today!!!! and i know no one cares and 100 isn’t that many, but i never thought i’d never get past like 2 followers… i seriously love and appreciate evERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU GUYS. every like, reblog, and ask makes my sad self a bit happier;) so yea, even if i don’t have a million, i made this to thank all my mutuals^-^ this is basically a follower forever i guess?? 

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Ok so I was tagged by @itspartlycloudy01 to do the stop and take a selfie challenge thing….but like….clearly, as you see in example A and B, Charlie wasn’t gonna let that happen tonight so🤷🏼‍♀️🐶

Imma tag all you bitchez. If you follow me, post a selfie and be a little conceited it’ll be great (this is def not a cop out…