srna damcevski

In case of threatening me, please get to know me first.

Many mutual friends of me and the douchebag from the last post saw the post and this morning I was welcomed on FB with a message by him threatening me that he’ll hack my profile and delete me. Seriously?! No, I’m asking, seriously? I don’t really respond to threats nor I get scared of them, so he just wasted time on that message. I’m not that stupid to expose my profile to everyone so it can get hacked, though. It’s really annoying when a random twat crosses my way but as stated, I won’t hold back on words or do nothing about it. I find myself getting into trouble in most cases but at least I managed to fight what’s mine. Not a good way to start the near weekend, don’t you think?

All the fauxtographers are professional douchebags.

Would politely ask all the pricks with cameras (especially the ones with a point and shoot ones) to stop being so dumb and rude when someone is actually trying to help them. If you want to be a ‘photography’ (even amateur) you should now at least a few simple rules about it, instead of saying 'I started at the bottom, I never went to school like you did.’ It makes no sense because I’ve never, whatsoever, been to a photography school in my life. So stop being such a dickhead, open a few photo blogs and learn what exposure means. Not really knowing why they think they can piss me off, clearly because of their lack of life, haha. 


Sorry to everyone who are waiting on shootings, photos, my appearance on events etc., I’m dealing with a whole tons of things so I’m away for a while. I’ll make it up once I’m fully recovered. Except hectic life, I’m facing terrible back pain and being skint, haha. Thank you to everyone being here for me though, means a lot to me.

Been out of action for a really long time now, driving me insane with everything going on holding me back on working. This cannot be labeled as artistic, just trying out different flash blur techniques mixed up with HDR. Gonna be more active on my photo journal  so feel free to like the fan page a win something :) (yes, I actually award random fans as a way of saying ‘thank you’)

Fucking douchebags!

Ughhhhhhh, so annoyed by the people who keep judging other people without having the chance to get to know them as well as judging their actions before knowing what they’re up to. I meet new people all the time and yes, I do have some kind of an opinion about them which is most likely to change after I know a bit more about them. I’ve met people from all over the world with different tastes, interests and beliefs. They’re still my friends. But I also keep meeting people who judge me for trying new things, trying to be different than others, my interests and beliefs. So please stop being so shallow, we’re all different and we’re all people, none of us is an alien. I have feelings, and so do you. I get hurt even though I try to ignore things such as this. At least I have a life outside Facebook. 

‘She loves me, she loves me not. For all the things I said to her, and all the ways I tried. And all the things I did for her, they’re lost with one 'goodbye’.’ - She Wants Revenge 'She Loves Me She Loves Me Not' 

Another Rachael sneak peek. This is an impromptu shot from Tamara behind RJK before my gig today. The song is chosen not just because I didn’t have anything smarter to say but because it tells a bit about me, if you, of course, connect it with the photo. Not gonna say more about this, though, unless I throw something more on my fan page. 

Photography/post production/editing: Srna Damcevski
Model: Tamara Jovanovich 

Reckless abandon.

Getting a bit sick of people constantly asking what’s the point of Wreck This Journal. And why you should wreck it. The book itself it’s to make people live more creatively and realize that nothing in life is perfect nor things last forever. Yes, I don’t wanna wreck it because I feel good about having it in it’s perfect state, but let’s face it: if people can’t wreck a book that is meant to be wrecked and destroyed at the end, how are they gonna learn to let go of more serious things in life? So stop being so perfect, sit back and get dirty (I mean covered in paint or whatever else you wanna wreck it with). It’s not the end of the world and if you like it’s perfect state, order/buy a new one ;)


The dork and the dork.

Me and Marko had a great time at the free field day last week, took some twat faced photos, too. Need a slight cheerful spot in my blog at the moment, though.

Recently, I’ve had a pretty few bad things to deal with. The past 2 months were not so good, filled with no work, people’s death, breakdowns, insomnia nights and life out of balance. Nothing I haven’t sorted out so far but when you gather everything together, it pushes you off the line. I’m having a pretty hectic week ahead and hopefully will be able to share everything that was going on in 2011 before Christmas (catholic). I’m collaborating with new musicians and photographers, now stare at my dull faces and have a great weekend! :]

Old self portrait back when I had short hair and playing around with different light sources!

Back on my daily bitching, I’m having English testing for contest and it takes me a while to out together one correct sentence. How much fun are you having now God? Must be laughing your ass out for this. Speaking of which, that one classmate (classprick) that tried to bring me down by insulting my knowledge in English language, well you can’t even understand what ‘Spanish Inquisition’ sketch by Monty Python was about. Not talking about Blackadder or George Carlin. Your argument is invalid. 

Ahh how I love dealing with pathetic twats that were pushed by their parents to accomplish something in their sad little lives.