srly this is me right now

Things I loved about last night live streaming:

*They were all so happy *Rob was there (he’s such a cutie and has a pretty smile) *SO MUCH COCKLES!!!! (I should summon the cockles more often. Yesterday I complained we had none and now look! I’m proclaiming myself ‘The Cockles whisperer’ lol) *They were in Jensen’s trailer *Jensen went out of his way and went to ask Misha why he was sitting all alone (like srly Jensen, the trailer isn’t that big and you were right there 😂 He’s such a concern BF) *Misha’s adorable smile and reply (that’s sunshine face and cardigan killed me) *Jensen comforting Dean and being goofy *Jared and Jensen posing/imitating their characters *All the playful interactions between all of them *‘The reverse Misha-shoulder-nuzzle’ (omg that’s so their thing and I love how natural/comfortable they both look whilst this goes on). I swear Jensen’s face lit up when Misha did that 🙈 *Grumpy old man Jensen and his technology challenged skills 😂 *I liked when Jensen and Misha were complimenting everyone for a job well done; it was heartwarming because Misha interrupted Jensen, but Jen didn’t seem annoyed but used to it 😄 <Everything in that video was perfection and makes me very happy. Hoping for more cockles this weekend at dccon>

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After watching you for a long while, and seeing you so energetic and motivated all the time, this part of the video hit me a little bit. I’ve been there too, feeling so unmotivated to do things, and I felt like nothing I did even mattered. Youtubers miles away from me were the first people who ever told me that what I did actually matters. And that gave me the push I needed to do the things I love. Having zero motivation is such a shitty feeling to have, and I’m so glad YouTube and this wonderful community was there to help you out with it.