srl art


Finished Skyward Sword. Guys dont let me try to animate anymore..they never save correctly anyway and my photoshop no longer works and I cant save .psd files for some reason so this was all sorts of lulz trying to animate in open canvas and print screen/copy/paste in adobe imageready of all things :D

Anyways, SS was not a better game than OoT and I’m not sure it was better than twilight princess either..however I did have fun with it. I did get tired of seeing the same 3 areas over and over and the same dang boss over and over. The imprisoned can bite me. He’s worse than the repeat bosses in okami, I swear.

I run like this in real life…..for Sailor Moons 20th anniversary. I have been drawing a little and I’m hoping to poop out a portrait within the next couple of days. It’ll be more loathsome fanart, not of Sailor Moon though.

Where I have been? when you last saw me I was coming down from a skyrim+zelda I’m on an Assassins Creed/Hunger Games/Game of Thrones high..all of which I’d love to do fanart for so bad!