So… Golden, Cat, and I thought it would be interesting to try our hands at a PVP server. On Mount Tyrannas’s server at that… Hopefully we won’t get beat down too many times by other players.. o<-<

So yeah! If anyone plays on that server and would like to add us as a friend, and/or you know… help our poor asses out every now and then that would be lovely. //SOB 

Me: High elf lancer named Kaxe

Golden: Elin priest named Eulyia

Cat: Elin berserker named Augustia

anonymous asked:

will you ever draw more sunflowyr? your art is just perfect and I miss it :')

yes i will! thank you!! im just super sad right now and i dont feel like sharing much of my sunflowyr ideas sorry :C

i did commission someone long ago for some cute chibis because i was really sad and it was super cute

by srinitybeast on dA