Collaboration between the awesome and I! I also submitted this to my dA which is just haha; I don’t know if anyone on tumblr knows my dA *V*;

 She did the sketch, I lined the figures and flat colored them. While I did that, she did the background and then sent it back to me and I sent the lines and flat colors to her. Then she shaded while I began to edit the BG and klfjwfs pretty much we just split it half and half. I did the cell shading in the end, made the place a bit darker, tidied up somethings…but I’m rambling.

Anyway, if you guys haven’t watched Cry (a youtuber who normally plays horror indie games), you really should give it a go! He’s really sweet and down to earth and Srinity and I love watching him together. I’ll post a link to this particular series of videos that we did the fan art for but you should totally check out all his other videos  ////

And uh, if he ever reads this…or really this is for anyone I suppose this is just a reminder to do what you love to do. I know there are always instances where individuals are faced with tough times and they just feel like giving up, I’ve been there! But this is kind of…a reminder that what you do can really impact people’s lives. He’s really cheered me up on many occasions…

Cry’s youtube:

Cry’s Mad Father Let’s Play:

Thank you so much for your support of OVERDRIVE! 

The contest was really hard to say the least, but it was well worth it to get to know so many of you! To those of you who voted, rated or even read the comic, THANK YOU! OVERDRIVE is definitely going to continue even now that the contest has concluded, so please keep your eyes peeled! 

In addition, character asks are closed for the time being. (Simply because the sheer amount of them, and because Srinity still needs to finish up her commissions.) Any questions you’ve already sent will be answered, but it might take some time! Thank you for your patience, and we hope you guys are having a wonderful week. 

Also, if any of you have drawn any fan art please tag it under “#OVEDRIVE comic” so we can see it and reblog it onto this tumblr! Or tag either of us on Twitter, or deviantART so we can see your wonderful works.

Thanks for taking the time to read all of this, love you guys! QvQ

( This was a collaboration between Golden & Srinity! )

Please help a friend !!

Recently, a friend of mine, Srinity, has been having a bit of trouble. She’s been invited to the art book, MBTea (tumblr here), but hasn’t had so much luck getting funds. The art book itself is heavily dependent on donations towards the artist, so without donation and support, Srin won’t have very much luck ,, Recently she’d been having a bit of financial troubles too, with her laptop having broken down and being shipped off for repairs, and saving up for her dream college.

Srin is an amazing artist !! She’s capable of many things and has wonderful talent, and is one of many friends I look up to ! You can check out her gallery here, and her tumblr here (though she doesn’t go on very often). A preview of her submission for the art book can be found here.

She will also be opening up commissions very soon because of her financial condition, as stated in her journal on dA. I very very highly recommend commissioning her, her work quality is amazing ! 

Now for those who donate, she’ll do something special ! 

“For those who donate $10: one headshot sketch $20 or higher: one fullbody sketch.”

As quoted by her !! You can donate to her HERE to srinitybeast !! Donations are highly appreciated, but you’re not obligated to do so. 

Please help a friend out, it would mean a lot to her !! ; v ;


So… Golden, Cat, and I thought it would be interesting to try our hands at a PVP server. On Mount Tyrannas’s server at that… Hopefully we won’t get beat down too many times by other players.. o<-<

So yeah! If anyone plays on that server and would like to add us as a friend, and/or you know… help our poor asses out every now and then that would be lovely. //SOB 

Me: High elf lancer named Kaxe

Golden: Elin priest named Eulyia

Cat: Elin berserker named Augustia