So… Golden, Cat, and I thought it would be interesting to try our hands at a PVP server. On Mount Tyrannas’s server at that… Hopefully we won’t get beat down too many times by other players.. o<-<

So yeah! If anyone plays on that server and would like to add us as a friend, and/or you know… help our poor asses out every now and then that would be lovely. //SOB 

Me: High elf lancer named Kaxe

Golden: Elin priest named Eulyia

Cat: Elin berserker named Augustia

Thank you so much for your support of OVERDRIVE! 

The contest was really hard to say the least, but it was well worth it to get to know so many of you! To those of you who voted, rated or even read the comic, THANK YOU! OVERDRIVE is definitely going to continue even now that the contest has concluded, so please keep your eyes peeled! 

In addition, character asks are closed for the time being. (Simply because the sheer amount of them, and because Srinity still needs to finish up her commissions.) Any questions you’ve already sent will be answered, but it might take some time! Thank you for your patience, and we hope you guys are having a wonderful week. 

Also, if any of you have drawn any fan art please tag it under “#OVEDRIVE comic” so we can see it and reblog it onto this tumblr! Or tag either of us on Twitter, or deviantART so we can see your wonderful works.

Thanks for taking the time to read all of this, love you guys! QvQ

( This was a collaboration between Golden & Srinity! )

anonymous asked:

will you ever draw more sunflowyr? your art is just perfect and I miss it :')

yes i will! thank you!! im just super sad right now and i dont feel like sharing much of my sunflowyr ideas sorry :C

i did commission someone long ago for some cute chibis because i was really sad and it was super cute

by srinitybeast on dA