"It is said, asya mahato bhūtasya niśvasitam etad yad ṛg-vedo yajur-vedaḥ sāma-vedo ’tharvāṅgirasaḥ. “The four Vedas – namely the Ṛg Veda, Yajur Veda, Sāma Veda and Atharva Veda – are all emanations from the breathing of the great Personality of Godhead.” (Bṛhad-āraṇyaka Upaniṣad 4.5.11) The Lord, being omnipotent, can speak by breathing air, for as it is confirmed in the Brahma-saṁhitā, the Lord has the omnipotence to perform through each of His senses the actions of all other senses. In other words, the Lord can speak through His breathing, and He can impregnate by His eyes. In fact, it is said that He glanced over material nature and thus fathered all living entities. After creating or impregnating the conditioned souls into the womb of material nature, He gave His directions in the Vedic wisdom as to how such conditioned souls can return home, back to Godhead"
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  • George Harrison & Srila Prabhupada on 22 Aug. 1973

In a conversation with Srila Prabhupada, George talks about how his chanting is alienating him from those closest to him. I find this fascinating since it’s from 1973, and it’s so rare to hear George’s perspective on his personal life around this time.

George: There is one sort of problem in a way, that I found when chanting all the time, and that was that I start being able to relate less and less to all the people I know. I mean then it’s, there’s only times when I see people like Çyämasundara or just a few people. Then, that’s okay, but most of the other people… I suddenly found myself on such a different level that it’s hard to relate and then it’s like it feels as though it’s a point where I have a decision of either slowing down and pulling back towards those people in order to try and pull them with me, or maybe if, because I’m not ready to go, or just cutting the thing off and just going completely. You know what I mean? Just in day to day things. The more and more, the buildup…

Prabhupäda: Material management.

George: But the buildup of the mantra and the effect is so subtle in a way that there’s that point where I just can’t relate any more to anybody. Maybe you don’t have that experience.

Çyämasundara: He says that when he chants he becomes spiritualized so that it’s difficult to relate with his business associates, colleagues.

George: But not even that, to my friends, even to my wife. I mean to anybody. You know, it’s…

Çyämasundara: And it’s sometimes difficult to see…

Prabhupäda: But your wife is very favorable. She is nice girl.

George: Yes, she is an angel. In a way she’s okay.

Prabhupäda:  If wife is favorable then that is a great advantage.

George: But you see what happens is, this is also what Terry was saying yesterday, is that… You know, like if I’m not into it too deeply then I’ll come down to begin a day and I’ll be quite, say, do this, okay, and off we go to do… But the days, the periods when I’m so deeply into that, chanting all the time, then when I finish chanting, I come down, I’m like Rävaëa. (Prabhupäda laughs) You know, I come down and I’m not smiling and I’m not particularly happy because I’m saying, “Do that! Get that! Why is this!” You know? There’s like there is more urgency involved. The realization that everybody is wasting their time and everybody is doing mundane things which are, and you know, just having a little bit of mundane fun.

Çyämasundara: But when you were chanting you wrote the song and it’s proven by people’s purchasing all those songs that they want to hear that.

George: Hm. But the problem is this, where to find a balance. Because obviously I know where I benefit by doing that. But I’m benefiting so much that suddenly I find I’m out on a limb, and it’s hard to be able to pull those people with you. You know, there’s a point where suddenly I’m not going to be… I’m not going to know them any more. [x]


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That’s the way a srilankan performance should be….. The not the best we can do but still the best performance of the night cheers everyone who performance…. And when a song like this goes on we cannot keep on sitting because we are SRILNKANS…


Surrender is the Basis

Published on Jun 28, 2013

Srila Bhakti Sadhaka Muni Maharaja reads and comments on the book of Srila Bhakti Raksak Sridhar Dev-Gosvami Maharaja — “Loving Search for the Lost Servant” in Sridham Mayapur, February 2013

The topics of the discourse are the following: Faith in the higher plane * The foundation of devotion is self-surrender * A devotee depends wholly on Krsna * Selfishness and extended selfishness * Our false ego must be finished * Enjoyment and renunciation are abnormal * Everything is for Krsna’s pleasure — nothing is for our pleasure * See the environment with proper vision * We can be in Krsna’s lila wherever we are * Connection with Krsna means life — disconnection means death * I’m moving according to His desire * The ticket to that plane is whole self-sacrifice * As long as I don’t forget Krsna, I can accept everything * May we never be separated from pure devotee * The example of Bharata Maharaja * Without association of Krsna

❤ Krishna does not like to see His sincere devotee suffer or become frustrated or depressed. He will not stand idly by in any such case, so do not fear on that account. Krishna has got some plan for you, always think in that way, and very soon He will provide everything to your heart’s desire.

Srila Prabhupada, Letter to Tejiyas, Bombay, 19th December, 1972 ❤

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Our real existence is in the heart, not in the brain. Search of the heart for the heart is love, it is prema. Brain exercise is not satisfying. Today the world is in need of heart, disgusted with brain. Now they’re searching for the heart, mutual understanding of, loving one another. Eliminating the love and sympathy, the brain work is going to destroy this civilisation.
—   Srila Bhaktirakshak Sridhar Maharaj