sri vidya

Gayatri mantra harnesses the power of the Sun. The Sun represents super-consciousness, which is your true nature. The Yogis and Rishis discovered the profound truth: You are what you think.

Some of them thought about the Sun all the time and remembered. You can too.

Om Bhūr Bhuva Svaha
Tat Savitur Varenyam
Bhargo Devasya Dhīmahi
Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayāt

This mantra is ancient and not of human origin. Chant and recall what you’re made of.

Shodashi Devi.

Generally in Bengal and most of East India the Divine Mother is worshipped as Kali or Durga; Kalikula Upasana, but in the south she is worshipped as Shodashi also known as Kamakshi or Rajarajeswari; Srikula Upasana or Sri Vidya. Interestingly it was this form of the Goddess Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa invoked through the worship of his own wife Sri Sarada Devi at the culmination of his spiritual practice though his whole life was spent in the worship of Kali. There are many deep reasons for this.

There are ten types of monks belonging to the monastic tradition of Hinduism (Sannyasa) founded by Shankaracharya, they are: Puri, Giri, Bharati, Tirtha, Ban, Aranya, Parvat, Ashram, Sagar and Saraswati. The Guru who initiated Sri Ramakrishna into this tradition was Srimat Tota Puri. The monks of the Puri tradition find there origins at Sringeri Math, Karnataka, South India, the place is still a thriving institution. It was here that the great Shankaracharya himself installed the image of a stone Sri Yantra or geometric symbol of the Goddess Shodashi (the most sacred image in the Sri Vidya tradition) along with a three dimensional image of Goddess Sharadamba. Sri Ramakrishna in one sense was honouring this tradition with his worship of Shodashi.

Though Sri Ramakrishna manifested all of his spiritual perfection through the guidance of Mother Kali, the culmination ended in the worship of Shodashi. In the beginning the necessity to destroy our negative tendency in spiritual practice starts with Mother Kali. She removes our darkness and guides us to the light, after that she’s smiling back at us as the supremely beautiful Shodashi united in the heart of infinite consciousness Shiva. We are then left with all knowledge, eternity, and bliss absolute; ourselves beyond the duality of manifest existence, one with God. In this way Sri Ramakrishna showed us the way, the culmination of perfection by performing the worship of Shodashi through Sri Sarada Devi.

Goddess worship with icons and yantras is easy as they don’t talk back or get up and walk away, so that is the beginning—entry level. 

God is Woman and Woman is God. When She comes down, to call her only mother, wife, girlfriend, etc., is an insult. It is to place limitation on the unlimited.

Seekers seek Her, but She loves it when you recognize.

Relax, you’re dreaming.

The worlds you know in dreams are your personal illusions. They are constructed from the content of your consciousness. What you know as the real world is collective illusion. It is constructed out of your consciousness as well as that of everyone else. All worlds are made of the same stuff, mind. You can change your mind to change the world.


Rihanna is here to teach us about Maya. Just be in love with Her all the time.  

The world runs on give and take, the principle of sacrifice. You can’t really get something for nothing. If you don’t see this in someone’s living example, rest assured you don’t have the whole picture; they put in work in past lives. You have to put in work.

Only when something is destroyed can there be creation and vice versa. Human beings discovered this early and went to town. Many cultures put this principle to good use, others not so much. I think we’re all still trying to get it right. A nice thing Goddess showed me is sacrifice doesn’t have to be ugly, just real.

The only thing you don’t have to work for is happiness.

Women are evil. Or so it seems if you read or watch anything. Regarding spirituality, there is this long-time association with the feminine and the left-hand, darker side of things. Also more fun. Devi(L) worship.

Enlightenment is a powerful condition. In truth, power is feminine. Start worshipping the feminine and raise the serpent, kundalini shakti. There is no logical explanation. Goddess worship simply works. Knowledge of good and evil (neither exist) is just the start.

[472] Siddhavidya, Eternal Science

Who is there among the wise who does not serve this Highest Energy?

- Srimad Devi Bhagavatam

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Goddess Worship is high technology. There is no greater power than Her.

Goddess Durga kills all demons on sight. She is always called upon by the Devas to fight the Danavas on the universal battlefield. Your body is the microcosm and the world is the macrocosm; this battle against demons–disease, poverty, un-love, egoity–is fought inside you. The Devas are seated on the left side, the Ida nadi. The Danavas are on the right, the Pingala nadi. Goddess sits in the center and sorts them both out.

Call upon Goddess to destroy demons with the frequency “Om Dhum Durgayai Namaha”

Meditate Her form in your heart and nothing can touch you.