Ma sapete una cosa? vaffanculo, no dico davvero vaffanculo a tutto, vaffanculo a tutti.
Vaffanculo alle persone di merda, alle ragazze strafighe, ai ragazzi che si credono modelli di Abercrombie.
Vaffanculo a Facebook e agli stati usati per dire quello che non si ha il coraggio di dire in faccia alla gente, al ‘visualizzato alle’ , a WhatsApp e al ‘ultimo accesso alle’, ad Ask e al gioco dei nomi, alle classifiche sulle ragazze più carine e ai voti sulla bellezza.
Vaffanculo a tutti i messaggi scritti e mai inviati, a tutte le lettere mai spedite a tutte le telefonate mai effettuate.
Vaffanculo agli ipocriti, ai finti moralisti e ai ‘so tutto io’.
Vaffanculo a chi giudica senza sapere, a chi non si fa i cazzi suoi perchè fino a cent’anni non ci vuole campare.
Vaffanculo a cupido e alle sue frecce di merda che mannaggia al clero ce fosse na volta cristoiddio che se piglia la mira der core e non der culo.
Vaffanculo agli abbracci mancati, ai baci non dati e agli amori non ritrovati.
Vaffanculo a chi si prende la libertà di spezzare cuori, a chi calpesta i sentimenti e chi infrange i sogni.
Vaffanculo ai letti troppo vuoti e alle stanze troppo piene di gente, al mascara colato, alle lacrime versate per chi in fondo non ne meritava manco mezza.
Vaffanculo alla scuola e ai professori, ai voti e ai pomeriggi passati in casa a studiare.
Vaffanculo alle prime impressioni, alle preferenze ed alle ingiustizie.
Vaffanculo agli autobus persi e alle code troppo lunghe alle macchinette.
Vaffanculo a chi non capisce e a chi crede di capire tutto quando in verità non ce capisce n’cazzo.
Vaffanculo a tutto stò cazzo di mondo di merda che non fa altro che peggiorare.
Vaffanculo a tutti, belli e brutti.

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Request:  blurb where shawn and his wife have been trying to have a kid for a really long time and they’ve almost given up hope and then it happens? Idk this was a subplot on an episode fo a tv show i just watched and it had me feelings things thank you!!

“Babe, maybe we should just like take a break.” He says as you throw the negative test away. 

You feel like crying. Why can’t you just make a baby?

“You don’t want to do this anymore?” You ask, tears pressing.

“No,” He says taking you into his arms. “I want to, I really want to have kids and make this little Mendes. But honey this can’t be good for your body. I think we just need to take a break and then start trying again.” 

“Yeah maybe.” 

“I love you, you know that. I’m not gonna let this stop us, were gonna have kids.” 

“I know.” You sniffle.


You guys had been on a break for like two weeks, but he won four awards. How can you not celebrate. 

It wasn’t like you were trying to make a child, it was just sloppy celebratory, drunk sex. 

But when your periods late, and you wake up nauseous you can’t help but think back to that night, and how he didn’t use a condom. 


It’s positive. They all are. You took four to make sure you were reading them correctly. You didn’t even know they could say positive because you had seen negative so many times.

You walk out to find Shawn, so excite to tell him, but Geoff and Brian are over. They all wanted to watch a hockey game, and you had gotten home from the drugstore before he could tell you. 

“Shawn.” You say from the door way. He looks up and over at you then back at the TV sreen.


“Can I talk to you?”

“Can it wait?”

“Um no.” 

“Babe I’m watching the game.” 

You know he only gets like this when it’s his team, and losing.

“Shawn I really need to talk to you.”

“Wait a second.” 

You sigh and look back at the test, hoping it didn’t change it’s mind. But Geoff looks up when you sigh and his eyes go wide when he sees what your holding.

“Holy shit.” Falls from his lips and Shawn looks at him and notices he’s staring at you. He looks over and squints to see what your holding.

“Babe?” He stands.

“I didn’t know it could read positive.” You say looking up at Shawn.

“Positive?” He chokes.

“Yeah. They all say positive.”

“Holy shit.” He says, frozen.

“Fine if you won’t hug her I will.” Brian says rushing to you. “Congrats!” He hugs you, he spins you around but sets you down. 

“I’m so happy for you.” Geoff is next, also spinning you. When he sets you down you are in front of Shawn.

“What? When? We were taking a break?”

“The EMA’s.” You mumble. He blushes at the thought of what you two did that night and then smiles at you.

“You’re really pregnant?”

“I’m really pregnant.”

“Oh my god.” He says hugging you, kissing your neck. 

“Shawn the Dad,” Brian shakes his head. 

“You’re gonna be the best Dad.”



When I started this post I thought to write about a plane that crashed, one that never took off, one that returned after just minutes and one full of sleeping people apart from a little frightened girl. Well, as it turned out there is a lot more to find regarding planes in Sherlock BBC. Aeroplanes play quite a big role in this story it seems.


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Cole Sprouse | Jealous


WARNINGS: Spoilers for the season finale, short and maybe pretty cheesy and horrible.

A/N: Sorry if it is not good. I really have writers block lately and the finals don’t help at all.. Byeeee ♥





Cole sprouse and the reader were you get jealous when you see the bughead scene from 1x13

You and Cole had been dating for a while now and you were fully aware of his job and the whole ‘Bughead’ situation on Riverdale. But everytime it was just a simple kiss, a hug or holding hands, something you had grown to be ok with but this time things got worse. 

It was this scene where Jughead places Betty on the counter and they kiss and there is so much sexual tension and then they took of their shirts (at least Betty did). But that was a scene you were not aware Cole had even filmed so you were extremely shocked when you saw that.

On the day of the finale you and Cole were sitting on the couch, cuddling, while the rest of the cast was comfortabe and watching the show as well. You had been enjoying it so far until Cole told you to go bring some more snacks. The thing is Kj had just refilled the bowls so there was no need to but Cole insisted. After a while of that Cole gave in and just pulled you closer. You could’t understand what this was all about but you shrugged it off, until realisation hit you a couple of seconds later. It was the scene I told you about a while ago, with the sexual tension between Betty and Jughead being too much. You looked up at Cole shocked but you said nothing. Your blood was boiling and thins feeling of jelousy took over you for the first time in a long time. Actually, you were looking at the sreen as if you were going to explode and completely break Betty’s neck but you just kept it inside until everyone left. 

When the appartment was finally silent and the only people left behind were you and Cole that were living in it you finally broke. “What the hell was that?” You asked, anger bubbling up inside. “It was just for the scene Y/N.” He said trying to calm your temper. “Then why’d you hide it from me?? You think I wouldn’t find out about this scene?” You asked frustrated. Cole did nothing but looked at the floor not facing you. “Tell me!” “I just didn’t want you to get upset baby.” “Don’t call me that. And why did you think I would get upset?!?!” You said a little bit calmer right now. “I know you baby. I did this for you.” he said coming closer to you and grabbing your face. “If you had told me it wouldn’t be like this.” You said holding onto his hands. “God, I love you.” He said. “I love you.”

“Put me down, I can walk!”

Pairing: Platonic fahcGeoff x reader

Words: 900

Warnings: Swearing, protective dad-like Geoff (not warning)

Being the youngest of the crew had its ups; you were always sent to do the jobs which needed stealth - whether that be in small areas or in places where you must climb. You were the one that did the tasks that needed agility and speed too. It also had its downs, the fact Geoff basically adopted you off the streets meant that you were now the kid and because you were younger than the rest of the crew, it meant constant teasing and over-protectiveness.

You were bored.  A sunny, mid-summer afternoon in Los Santos but you were stuck inside. You lay on the couch in the main FAHC apartment, your legs over the top and a Nerf gun in your hand. Gavin sat on the seat opposite you, scrolling on his phone as he pretended to watch some crappy TV show. You shot continuously at nothingness on the ceiling, wishing it was a real gun, but the last time you shot a gun indoors you nearly shot Geoff, so he banned it. Another 3 bullets left your gun landed in the same place on top of each other.

“Good aim, kid” Ryan sauntered in, leaning on the wall with his face paint on and mask in hand. “Thanks” You muttered,

“You off somewhere?” You quizzed, twisting your head to face him.

“Just a small assassination, got told about it a few days ago but I’m bored so I’m going now, wanna come?” He asked you and Gav.

“Nah, not in the mood today.” Gavin replied,

“Sure, beats doing nothing all day.”

You hopped off the couch and walked towards one of the tables at the side which had your mask on.

“I don’t think Geoff will like that, y/n” Gavin muttered,

“And? He’s not my dad” You scoffed, “besides, he’d come to if he weren’t off causing his own ruckus”

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you”

You rolled your eyes before leaving with Ryan, heading towards the weapons room where you each grabbing a sniper, pistol and some sticky bombs. You hopped into Ryan’s Adder and sped off to the destination.

He pulled up into a 6-story car park, leaving his car a few stories down from where he planned to snipe. You followed behind, making sure there was no one around. You both set up your guns pointing towards the hotel opposite.

“Wait who are we aiming for?” You asked, quickly realizing you had no clue who you were actually killing.

“John Sreen, he’s head of a big internet market thingy, multi-millionaire. A couple of guys want him dead so they get his money.”

“Right, what’s he look like?”

“Don’t worry about him, I’m taking him on, you focus on bipping the body guards around him.”

You nodded, pressing your eye to the view finder of the gun. You waited about half an hour before a black armoured vehicle turned up. The front doors opened soon after it arrived and two suited men walked out with a casually dressed man between them, that must be him.

Ryan quietly counted down from 3, once he reached 1 you took out the first body guard as he took out the target, before both of you shot at the last guard. People around the area looked around confused before scurrying away. You both laughed as you watched their terrified faces, people shouting run. As you turned around to start heading towards Ryan’s car, your smile dropped. An angry and displeased looking Geoff stood there, arms cross on his chest.

“Hey Geoff” You smiled innocently,

“Don’t hey Geoff me, missy” He spat, “Get up”

You rolled your eyes, standing up reluctantly. Suddenly, you were over Geoff’s shoulder, your gun falling onto the floor.

“What the fuck? Put me down!” You yelled, trying to fidget your way out of his grip, but you forgot how strong Geoff actually was.

“No can do”

“Ugh, what’s the big deal? We do shit like this all the time!” You were annoyed at how childish he was treating you. You looked back at Ryan who was following the two of you with both the guns, a smirk on his face.

“The big deal is that the rest of us are with you, not just that psychotic dude”

“Hey!” Ryan retaliated, “I have a name!”

“I’ll deal with you later” Geoff spat, you saw Ryan look away embarrassed.

“Put me down, I can walk!” you said annoyed again,

“How can I trust you won’t run off and start shooting people unplanned, eh?”

“I’m not a child, Geoff, have some trust in me!”

You got to outside the parking lot, Ryan was in his Adder behind you. You turned and saw an SUV, one that Geoff stole from outside the apartment complex, and an almost guilty looking Gavin in the front seat.

Geoff quickly put you down, you nearly stumbling off your feet at the sudden impact on the ground.

“You are a child here, alright kid. Remember, I took you off the streets and treated you like fucking family. You may not like it, but get over it. You are, and always will, be a child in our eyes.”

You scoffed, annoyed. Before pulling open one of the back doors of the car and sliding in. You slammed the door shut before looking at Gavin through the mirror in the car, muttering a sharp “Tattle-tale”.

Haven’t Seen This...

Despite these screens being out, I never saw any explanations, theories, or translations (granted I didn’t search either)

Maybe I did something other people already knew? Anyway…

In the screenshot from the game with Xefros in his supposed room, there’s some posters on the walls. I decided to try and translate them… and they’re really cute and interesting!

I assume these two are names of ‘albums’ or songs he and Dammek made (they are so totally bros)(I think this is a silhouette of Xefros alone)

Translation: “The Voice”

(I wonder what voice this is talking about)

This one you can see both Xefros and Dammek

Translation: “The Grubbels”

(Omg this one is so cute, they’re kids fighting opression, Grub Rebels!)

On a separate wall in the background there’s this one.

Translation: “To Do”

(It’s just a To Do list, the words already look like they say it so this was easy)

Lastly there’s this cute one.

It’s a diagram that shows proper table setting etiquette, you can see the table below has some items to practice with. I’m not sure if etiquette is common place, Bluer blooded, or all around weird. But the thought of Xefros being extremely polite and/or just liking to keep things neat and proper is terribly cute.

saturn64  asked:

How do u draw like I tried to draw and it looked like a took a massive dump all over my sreen

So yeah ‘m pretty terrible at technical stuff like anatomy and perspective. i wanna get better at those two things but in the meantime i’m happy drawing my lumpy people so yeah its just about finding what you’re happy with….

1.11.14, ore 20.16.
Penso di non aver mai amato una persona così tanto come in quel preciso istante. (non togliete la fonte, grazie)