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it starts w them live on Jonathan Ross, because they were falling apart then and Carl doesn't sing the "I'm still in love with you" line, then Pete and Carl's solos because that's always fun, next their 2010 Reading Set because you can see how hard it still is for them to be together, then i lighten it up w a gig from their October reunion tour and now opener because Carl sang I'm still in love with you !!! And that's the most important thing that's ever happened honestly

niceee i’ll deffo listen to it that way

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Oh my god I'm I'm not even really in the maze runner fandom anymore but do you remember 'peanut butter ponies ride at midnight' or whatever that weird tag was that everyone was gonna use when the movie came out like😂 what even were we

@ everyone who thought this fandom must have been so cool in the early days this is a prime example of how it was not at all