I took this photo in Pucón, Chile. I slowed my shutter speed to get my subject to blur, as I wanted the photo to be over-exposed and distorted. 

Volcanoes tend to die alone.

There is an ocean of blood curtling, guttural screams lying dormant at the bottom of my lungs.

The silence of my cold heart keeps them all at peace.

Nervously, my eyes translate rays of light to the rest of my being.

She says “Hi” in the a not so sober way.

She tells me of her day. Lucid and vividly.

*beat, pump, beat, pump 

Blood flows to my  quiet extremities.

Fingers and toes twitch. Dust falls off my rattling bones.

I hear rumblings and ramblings.

I shiver and shake with each tremor.


Just an exhale. For now.

I forget that breathing can be easy.

so most of y’all have probably seen those Sorey/Mikleo-themed dishes from this year’s festival but do you guys remember that lovely Flynn/Yuri parfait from the Namja Town ‘Tales Of’ event back in 2012

this is very much official, check out the rest of their menu I promise you won’t be disappointed