Dex the Cryptid
  • Will’s family didn’t seem off to him until he began going to grade school
  • That’s when he realized most people don’t eat by catching fish with their bare hands, and can only hold their breath for a few minutes tops, not hours like him
  • Normal humans also don’t eat the entire fish? Including the bones? He always thought that was the best part though. Likes the crunch.
  • When he turned 6 his parents finally clued him in on what was up, at a very basic level though. They were what the government and conspiracist theorists named “North Eastern Beach Biters.” (NEBBs for short)
    • Humanoid Cryptids
    • Usually inhabit ocean towns or forests in North Eastern America
    • Have been known to leave large sea animals half shredded and eaten on beaches (sharks, large fish, whales)
    • Short tempered, very dangerous
    • “Biters” comes from their teeth; very sharp, and a lot of them. Use them to shred their prey, or a human that got too close or pissed them off
    • Long tongues that loll out of their mouths when they’re getting ready to attack
    • Eyes that either glow or reflect light
      • This is debated mostly because some pictures only show their eyes “glowling” from the front, while other show them glowing from the side
    • Pale skin
    • Loners
    • Enhanced Sight, night vision
    • Incredibly fast and agile, especially in the water
    • Taller than your average human, usually ranges from 6-8 feet
    • Reports of gills on their neck exist as well
    • Some say they have webbed feet and hands and fingers that extend into claws (theorized that is what they use to shred their bigger prey)
      • (spoiler it’s still their teeth)
    • First encounter surviving incidents often come away with severe bite wounds that will become infected quickly, but survivors usually only have one bite. 
      • Sometimes this happens in the water, and it’s a conspiracy whether it’s a shark bite or a Beach Biter bite. Happens enough where they were named after it.
    • There haven’t been many fatalities attributed to them, but ones that have been often have teeth marks on their bones that forensics aren’t able to identify
  • Will’s parents explain that while some of it is true (the teeth, the eyes, the skin to an extent, that they and their kind reside in the north east, that they sometimes eat large sea animals) and some of it is false (their eyes both glow and reflect light, it depends on how much time they’ve spent int he ocean recently, their kin actually reach 9 feet but they tend to live solely in the ocean once they’re that tall (only the larger have gills), they are pack/group beings)
  • But the important lesson from it, other than knowing his own anatomy, is that they aren’t human, they never will be, but they are trying their best to live among/aside them
  • They don’t explain that all when he’s 6, not all of it. He learns more and more about it over the next few years, how to hide his abnormalities and blend in well enough with the other kids. 
  • They give him the option to either reject human civilization and live as a cryptid his entire life OR continue to live with his family, who are attempting to blend into society

Read more because this is gonna be LONG (which option will Dex choose ooooooo?????) ((Edit: so this is….. like…. over 4k just warning but theres angst and comfort so like, def worth it ;)))

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Often i get asked why i put my books online for free when i am trying to make a living of them Well, here's why. Comics are a small and a very competitive market. Ten times so if you are working on...

by nebezial

Often i get asked why i put my books online for free when i am trying to make a living of them

Well, here’s why. Comics are a small and a very competitive market. Ten times so if you are working on creator owned stuff and ten times over if you aren’t a big industry name.  

And multiply it twice over again if you as a writer aren’t a big name.

Now me, i am moderately known for my art. Trust me people being e-famous for some silly superhero jokes doesn’t translate to comics sold XD

In fact there is a general prejudice about the priorities of artists who take up writing. I still remember early reviews that exclaimed genuine surprise that my s

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The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater 

From Stiefvater’s Website:

For as long as she can remember, Blue has been told by her psychic family that she will kill her true love. She never thought this would be a problem. But now, as her life becomes caught up in the strange and sinister world of the Raven Boys, she’s not so sure anymore.

Rapid Fire Review:

  • What a book 4.5/5 but I enjoyed reading it more than a lot of 5/5′s
  • Read it in about 24 hours which is indredibly fast for me
  • Excellent characters, super super into all of them
  • Something I realy enjoyed was that all the characters went to school and talked about school but school was never a big part of the story. Like I don’t think we ever once go to Blue’s school. Even in Urban fantasy books I’ve read the characters lives are usually very tied to their school
  • Had a very hard time picturing what was going on at some points. Settings could have been described a lot better
  • Kind of predictable tbh, all the twists weren’t super twisty but

Genre Talk:

  • Ok friends
  • I am obviously v late to this party, I was told to read The Raven Boy before it even came out in 2012 and I didn’t because I’m an hypocritical little jerk when it comes to recs
  • But more importantly bc if was Urban Fantasy and I act as through I took a blood oath to only read Realistic Fiction
  • Even since I learned what Suspension of Disbelief was I’ve wanted to read books that require of little of it as possible. 
  • So I’ve missed out on a ton of v important YA books bc of it (I’ve never read Hunger Games)
  • But I’m starting to get into Magical Realism and I think Urban Fantasy is the next phase 
  • Like tbh I will never be reviewing the likes of Eragon and Lord of the Rings, v sorry
  • But you better believe the rest of The Raven Cycle will be on here.