sram red 2012


So this is my first text posting on my tumblr ever. I figured now is a good enough time as any to start adding words to my documentation of my life. So what really got me into this is to keep a photo and written documentation of my step back into competitive cycling. As a young boy I race BMX very seriously. Traveling all over the United States racing national races. The pressures of training and not having a lot of fun after 3 long years, I stopped. Now more than 10 years later I am stepping back into it but on a road bike.

I have been enjoying the big wheels sense starting college in 2006 but just now started to make the transition into seeing how far I can push my body. So this up coming season I am on a amateur team by the name of SonntagsFahrer in my new home of Linz Austria. I will document as much as possible of my dive into this new world, staring with my bike for the season. I bought a bike prior to joining the team so I will not have a team bike, but my Leader Mark1 will do the job. Here is the beginning. It all starts with the bike and the will to ride it.