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“I just don’t see why its such a big deal Y/N” Hansol said as you both came into the apartment you shared.

It had been rough night tonight since you were fighting now. You didn’t fight often, but it usually didn’t turn out well.

This time you were fighting because he had been given the word that he would be working with a girl group soon. Then the person who he was talking to winked at him in such a way that you couldn’t help but feel uneasy about it. The way Hansol acted after that didn’t help calm your mind. He really skittish and bashful, witch wasn’t his usual self. People kept complementing you about how you’ve made him more outgoing and blushy. You tried to hold it in for the time being though, since you knew you weren’t the reason why he was like this.

One you were in the car and out of ear shot or others you decided to ask him about it.

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