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Fight It

This fic was inspired by this amazing render made by @commander-hot-pants​ as well as a prompt from her! I’m such a big fan of her work. She was absolutely wonderful to work with and I hope to work with her again!

You can also read this on AO3 here!

It was very late and the Normandy was quiet, except for the constant hum of the engines.

Garrus had a bad habit of staying up far later than the rest of the crew. He enjoyed the peace and relative quiet of the SR-1′s lower deck at night. Ashley and Wrex were typically noisy during the day, Wrex constantly upgrading his weapons and Ashley writing mission logs on her computer, thinking out loud most of the time. Garrus was so close to being done calibrating this assault rifle, but truthfully, he was taking longer than he needed to. The alone time kept his mind off of-

Shit. Garrus thought.

Shepard exited out of the elevator and their eyes met, both of their expressions a mix of excitement and exasperation.

“Oh, hey Garrus.” Shepard said slightly awkwardly, scratching the back of her neck. “I didn’t think you’d still be down here. I came by to put that new scope on my assault rifle. I um, figured you’d be done with it by now.” Her eyes darted between the floor and Garrus’ eyes.

“Hey Shepard. Yeah, sorry about that.” Garrus looked over at the gun, grateful for the visual distraction. “I’m just about finished. Took me a little longer than I expected. You really put this thing through the ringer, heh.” Garrus laughed nervously, angry at himself for his uncharacteristic choice of words.

Shepard feigned a small laugh in response.
“Ha, yeah. I guess I did.”

Shepard smiled. The sight of it caused Garrus to inhale a little too quickly and he began to cough. He cleared his throat, deeply embarrassed that he was unable to keep his composure around her for longer than a few seconds.

“Should I come back later?” Shepard asked, despite her eyes begging for the opposite.

“No!” Garrus said a little too quickly and a little too loudly. He ordered himself internally to keep it together.

“No, no.” He said, more softly this time. “I’m almost done anyway. You can go ahead and grab your scope, I’ll just be another minute.”

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101 Mass Effect Questions
  1. How did you get into Mass Effect?
  2. Have you finished all three games?
  3. How long did it take you to finish the series?
  4. First Shepard: Paragon, Renegade or Neutral?
  5. Preferred alignment?
  6. Preferred Shepard backstory (colonist, earthborn, spacer)?
  7. Preferred class?
  8. Do you prefer to play as Male or Female Shepard?
  9. Share a pic of your favorite Shepard.
  10. Best Shepard quote?
  11. Do you prefer ME1, 2, or 3?
  12. Favorite mission from ME1?
  13. Favorite ME1 squad combo?
  14. Favorite ME1 armor?
  15. Vimire: Ashley or Kaidan?
  16. MAKO: Die in a fire or best thing ever?
  17. Favorite ME1 planet?
  18. Favorite mission from ME2?
  19. Was everyone loyal at the end?
  20. Post Suicide Mission survival rate?
  21. Favorite ME2 squad combo?
  22. Hammerhead: Yea or nay?
  23. Favorite mission from ME3?
  24. Favorite ME3 planet?
  25. No diplomatic option possible: side with the Geth or Quarians?
  26. Blue, Green, Red, or Fuck You?
  27. Do you subscribe to Indoctrination Theory?
  28. Ever played the multiplayer, and did you like it?
  29. DLC: All of it, some of it, or none of it?
  30. Favorite DLC mission?
  31. Favorite team member overall?
  32. Least favorite team member?
  33. Best armor set-up: ME1, ME2, or ME3?
  34. Favorite weapon overall?
  35. Biotics: Yes or no?
  36. Funniest moment in the games?
  37. Creepiest moment in the games?
  38. A moment/action you regret in-game?
  39. Who did you romance in your first playthrough?
  40. Favorite place on the Citadel?
  41. Favorite romance so far?
  42. One romance you just can’t stand/doesn’t make sense/etc?
  43. Non-romancable characters: who would you romance?
  44. A character you’d love to drop in a volcano and forget about?
  45. Best villain in the series?
  46. Worst villain in the series?
  47. Something you do in EVERY playthrough, no matter what?
  48. Describe your perfect playthrough.
  49. Favorite Shepard headcanons?
  50. Favorite non-Shepard headcanons?
  51. That One Headcanon that hurts to think about?
  52. Fluffiest headcanon ever?
  53. Your non-Shepard OTPs?
  54. Your absolutely NOTP?
  55. Who would you date if you could (not as Shepard)?
  56. Who has the best character arc?
  57. Who was written really poorly?
  58. Best Normandy: SR1, SR2, or SR2 Alliance?
  59. Favorite NPC?
  60. A character you think deserved better from the series?
  61. Best story moment in the games?
  62. Favorite achievement?
  63. Your best gameplay moment?
  64. Something you hate about any/all of the games?
  65. Best non-Shepard quote?
  66. Have you cosplayed any ME characters?
  67. Who would you cosplay if you could (no holds bar)?
  68. Did you read the comics?
  69. Did you read the novels?
  70. Did you see Paragon Lost?
  71. Favorite OST song(s)?
  72. Do you take screenshots in ME?
  73. Do you edit images/gifs or make videos about ME?
  74. Have you ever made an ME Let’s Play?
  75. What moment/memory still gives you chills/feels?
  76. What are you hoping for from ME4?
  77. What are you worried about for ME4?
  78. Favorite fanmix?
  79. Favorite fanfic?
  80. Favorite fanart/fanartist?
  81. Favorite fan musician/music?
  82. Favorite cosplay(er)?
  83. Favorite Let’s Play?
  84. Favorite ME-themed blog?
  85. Do you create anything in the fandom (write, draw, craft, gif, etc)?
  86. Do you participate in or run an ME RP?
  87. Are you on any ME forums, chats, reddit subs, etc?
  88. Do you run an ME-themed blog/page/website?
  89. Do you have any friends who love ME too?
  90. Did you get someone into ME?
  91. Would you watch a live action Mass Effect movie?
  92. Who would you cast?
  93. What kind of story would you expect for an ME movie?
  94. Best hopes/worst fears for an ME movie?
  95. Do you mod your games?
  96. What’s your favorite ME mod?
  97. Do you prefer the original ending(s) or ME Happy Ending Mod?
  98. If you could be any non-Human ME species, which and why?
  99. Would you be a Spacer, Colonist, or Earthborn citizen?
  100. Alliance/Military, Mercenary, or Civilian?
  101. If you could meet Shepard, what would you say?

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MER Week Day 7!

Day 7: Alternate Universe
Let’s have some fun for our final day! Time to drop your character into an alternate universe story for the final relationship tale. Maybe you want to write a coffee ship AU, a Highschool AU, a Modern Day AU, or an evil Mirror Universe AU? Whatever it is, have fun! :)

(Thanks to @vorchagirl for the prompt and @cactuarkitty for the event! I had so much fun ;.; I can’t wait for another lets do this every day. hahah)


*** It’s hella late sorry if typos! Gonna go back and fix it but I needed to post this before bed so it still counted lmao<3 ***

Read my stuff here! Ao3 // FanFiction 

For the past two weeks Garrus had been dreading his next mission. Today was the day he would have to take a new Spectre candidate under his wing. Not just any new candidate though and the Council needed their top Spectre to handle it, their words not his. This candidate wasn’t like any other he had to process before though. No, she was special. One Commander Jane Shepard from the Alliance. Yes. That Alliance. 

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Zero Hour || Progress
Chapter 36
By Organization for Transformative Works

Rating: Mature

Relationship: Scott Ryder/Caderyn Shepard

Summary: Shepard wakes up on the Hyperion after his death in the Normandy SR1′s destruction. The reasons are unclear, and there’s past matters of the heart and mind to contend with, let alone an entire new galaxy where being Commander Shepard isn’t good enough anymore.

Chapter 36 All in all, it’s… a work in progress. Everything is. Cade understands that, and for the first time in a long while, he’s learning to be okay with it too.