sr. sol

Youngbae and Seungri during 2016 Fantastic Babys fanmeets in Japan

SR: SOL-san must really like me. I heard he listens to my songs every night before he goes to sleep.
YB: I do listen to them.

*Seungri guessed YB’s song right*
YB: I am surprised (that he got it right). I always think that V.I doesn’t pay attention to me/isn’t that interested in me.
SR *gestured because he was wearing the non-talking mask*: I love you.
YB: Thank you V.I. I love you too.

Fan: I like GD because he’s cute.
YB: I’m sorry but V.I is the cutest in BigBang.

SR: The movie High & Low has great cast. For starters, all the members from EXILE are really good looking…
YB *interrupts him*: I don’t care about that because you are in it (he meant Seungri is handsome enough for the whole movie and he’s the only one who matters for YB)

YB: SR’s Instagram is truly cool, it’s a one person’s world tour.

SR: BigBang’s SOL, I want you to stay with me.

YB: Seungri is really sexy today.

YB: Everyone please support V.I and take care of him (about Seungri’s film promotions)

YB: V.I is really working hard but fans will always tell him to work harder.

YB: Being in a team with V.I wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.
SR: If we form a sub-unit, we will do really well.
YB: Let’s think about it.

YB hugged Seungri by the shoulder.
YB: You! You are famous! You’re a famous singer who has a popular song and a famous actor as well!

Seungri was talking about Top being Germany to shoot his movie. GD said that it was fine with just the four of them. Actually the three of them (him, Youngbae and Daesung) were fine too. Seungri was shouting to count him with them too. He wanted to go to their side since the three of them were far from him but they kept going to the opposite side. They kept doing that for a while with Seungri chasing them all over the stage. Then all of a sudden, Youngbae stopped following GDAE and stayed. When Seungri came to his side, he held him by the shoulder and said “Bullying is not good”.

1. Today (Jan.11) is Coming-of-age holiday in Japan and SR starts to tell what type of grown guys all members are.

2. SR “GD seems like a sweet type who would celebrate anniversaries with the gf right?”

3. DS “There is always entry to my heart, but once you’re in, there is no way out from it” *flaps his jacket* Yabai!

4. SR: “SOL-san is good at cooking. Do you cook for you gf?” YB: “yeaaa” Then he shows the epic tuna catching/sushi making dance 

5. GD “TOP is a cool guy.” DS “He is cool on stage, but he has the most aegyo!”

6. GD says SR is the worst type of guy out of the five because… “too many reasons” other hyungs seemed to have the same opinion

Translated by: @mmvvip