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Robert De Niro Sr. & Virginia Admiral

Admiral & De Niro were both promising young artists in 1940s Greenwich village when they met in a Hans Hoffmann painting class. 

The couple surrounded themselves with bohemian artists and writers of the time. Admiral was also a poet and worked for a time as a typist for her friend Anais Nin, both she and De Niro Sr. wrote erotica briefly for Nin. 

The couple married in 1942 and in 1943 had their son, the actor Robert De Niro Jr. They divorced soon after but remained close friends throughout their lives.

Both became highly acclaimed abstract painters in their own right and have work included in the Guggenheim collection.

The Kennedy family in the south of France in the summer of 1939. They lived ina nearby villa but rented a beach cabana at the Hotel Cap d’Antibes, where this photo was taken. Bobby and Jean are in the front row: Jack, Eunice, Joe Sr., and Pat in the middle; Kick, Joe Jr., Rosemary, Rose, and Teddy in the back.


The Kennedys were shaped by their culture, the Kennedys were shaped by their religion, and for them that meant embracing the crowd. They were part of the fabric of the city.” - Chris Kennedy

Oh, the Bleecker Street Cinema. There was a screening at midnight one weekend. Before the lights went down in the theater, this heavyset guy comes down the aisle with a glass with a goldfish in it. And it was Charlie Mingus. People would just drop in there. It was right across the street from the Bitter End. It was a place where you could congregate in the lobby and not even go to the movie. Marshall, the guy I told you about who put the two films together, one afternoon he said, “Get back here, you’ll see something you’ll never see again.” We went back behind the screen, which is just a big piece of something with little holes on it. He said, “Watch.” And I could watch people watching my film, Chafed Elbows. I could see all sorts of things I didn’t want to see. People sleeping. “Oh, god,” I said. “Thanks for that.”

Back in New York with Robert Downey Sr.


“But it just seems such a shame to waste a bullet on this, eh?”