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I hope

I hope, I well damn hope, that while on stage, after that lame joke, they had a moment and thought “ah, maybe we over did it”

I hope that when they looked at fan taken photos and comments on instagram and videos, they saw how Seungri’s face fell and how he quickly tried to hide it behind a laugh and a smile.

I hope that they realised once again that although they know it’s just a joke, their words influenced fans into thinking that they don’t love him, that they don’t want him, that it’s ok to think badly about Seungri.

I hope that after the show, when Seungri didn’t go with them in the waiting room, they didn’t wonder why he disappeared.

I hope that after realising his absence may be due to too much teasing, they all had a quiet moment in which they felt a bit guilty.

I hope that at their own ways, they tried to apologise and make it better and make Seungri understand that they love him regardless of what they say.

I hope that they won’t take for granted Seungri

I hope that even before considering 12/12 as the date of their album, they’ll still recognise it firstly as something more important: Seungri’s birthday.

I hope they’ll show so much love to Seungri in the next shows and appearances, that they’ll make up all the bullying he went through.

Lastly, I hope that Seungri, as the good man he is, he’ll forgive and forget, he’ll remember how many people love him among all the people that hate him, that he won’t disappear out of sadness, that he’ll keep his head up and think about positiveness, that he won’t feel the need to escape to another country in order to feel happy, that he’ll sleep warmly and soundly and live daily happily.

I really hope all of that from the bottom of my heart.

dating park jimin
  • a ton of face kisses
  • everywhere
  • going shopping to basically the same 4 stores (supreme nike puma gucci tbh)
  • kimbap and kimchi for breakfast and lunch and dinner
  • will introduce you to all the other idols in the other bands
  • you always buying him the last Just Dance on ps4 and dancing together on sundays until you either hit yourselves or cant breathe
  • no but srs he’d slay that game
  • omg
  • omg they have “daddy” by psy on it HOLY FUCKIGN SHIT JIMIN DANCING ON THAT
  • waking up in the morning to the smell of coffee and pancakes and him dancing to drake in the kitchen
  • the pancakes are shit btw
  • but he buys you nutella for them and somehow theyre better
  • “i love you”
  • “but i love taeyang-sunbaenim more.”
  • holding hands while driving and him kissing your knuckles when the lights are red
  • loves buying you a shitload of sweets bc he likes to see you happy and fluffy and healthy
  • “jimin i had like 3 poptarts today”
  • “noooo jagiyaaaaa have one more for me? i know you love them!!!”
  • “jimin i s3g stop”
  • but he makes the fucking puppy eyes and stuffs the poptart in your face to feed and you end up eating it
  • best poptart ever
  • too many s w e e t s
  • he’s sweeter tho
  • constantly making him playlists for when he’s away from you
  • facetiming while one of you is having a bath
  • “why dont you take a bath as well so we can pretend we’re in the same tub”
  • the cheesiest piece of shit ever
  • thigh riding
  • it’s been said before and im gonna say it again
  • T H I G H     RI D I N G
  • him calling you at like 3 am just to tell you that he loves you
  • “happy fathers day!!”
  • “im not a father tho”
  • (sends him a picture of the puppy you just got)
  • “what the f-“
  • “i was lonely”
  • likes justin bieber a lot but doesnt admit it and u complain about that to yoongi
  • you: (through panting) (with a CL like voice) “HEY, WHERE’D YOU GET THAT BODY FROm“
  • takes you to bigbang concerts everytime they’re in town
  • probably takes you too meet them as well
  • forgets about you bc taeyang noticed him
  • ITS OK you can make him jealous w. top
  • “not buying you any sweets cause you seemed too close to top”
  • “jimin what”
  • sometimes a stupid dork
  • col l a r bones kisses
  • sends you 10 snaps one after the other with him smiling from different angles when you’re down bc he knows you love his big bright smiles
  • when he feels extra cheesy (aka always) will play you wedding dress on the piano
  • and youd cry and go straight to his lap and kiss him until he forgets his name
  • sex in the bathroom and shower and kitchen and outside and not on the bed
  • holding your hand while he goes down on you — ALWAYS.
  • “yo i bought you one pair of those gucci slippers we wore for our wings photoshoot”
  • “ew what the fuck jimin dont get them near me im gonna throw up”
  • him teaching you korean but giving up and just teaching you swear words instead
  • before you moved in w. him you had a very cheesy “you can leave your toothbrush here” moment
  • you wearing his tshirts and giving him shit eating grins when he sees
  • “baby did u see my the rolling stones shir- oh. shouldve known.”
  • continuing each other’s sentences in the frozen song kinda way
  • sharing chokers bc u dont even care anymore tbh
  • meeting his parents after the 3rd date
  • you’re into v. good action movies and he’s into extremely sappy romcoms and therefore you can never watch movies together
  • cant keep his hands to himself when youre out with anybody
  • petnames but like not the hot porny kind cause he thinks they’re lame
  • babycakes, pumpkin, sweetcheeks, boobear, peachie, button, munchkin etc
  • what a lil shit
  • him adding like 932 emojis after your name in his contacts
  • “you should go to the gym bc i miss your 2013/14 muscly arms.”
  • you accepted your thick thighs bc he has them as well
  • matching thighs!!!!!!1 yes!!!!
  • tae wanting to be the godfather of your future children
  • “youre gonna name them taehyung #1 and taehyung #2. i dont care if theyre both girls.”
  • you glare at jimin “honestly cupcake, why is he your best friend”

This is how the group chat “footballers” on the whatsapp of Real Madrid player, Isco, would look like

Isco: hey guys, shall we go to the movies this Friday, all of us together?

Neymar: I’m more of a theater guy 😎

Keylor: I’ll make the popcorn

James: I’m going! That way I can go out!

Gerard: record it for me on your phone and I’ll watch the video on periscope, because I’m hung over from the la Liga celebration 🎉🎉🎉

Benzema: I cant go, i’m going to seseña to burn circles

Cristiano: if you want we can watch the movie “Cristiano the legend of the God of Football”. Written by Cristiano Ronaldo. Starring Cristiano Ronaldo. Directed by Cristiano Ronaldo. With my producer “the humble productions”.

Neymar sr: guys, I’ll buy the tickets. Send me $4.49 to this account: 499390293920393939. Password: “popcorns” 💵

Simeone: boys, lets all buy the tickets together eh??? Seated in the middle file, covering the ones in the back!! We’ll use the sides and all together!! 😤

Suárez: have yall seen the Dracula movie? What a drama. A guy bit another one and they crucified him!!! 😢

Bale: choose a chilled movie, cause the other day i watched “Die Hard” and i broke (the) cross 😟

Griezmann: do we watch the original version?

Ramos: alright, I’ll go another day then 😒

Marcelo: I cant. My shower drain got  clogged up again. I don’t know why it happens so often…😨

Torres: you can count on me! You know I never fail (miss)!!!

Neymar: hahahahahahaha 😂😂😂


Ramos:hahahahahahahaha 😂😂😂

Torres: what? Did I say something funny?

Pique: if you want we can stay home and we’ll watch all that I recorded from the LA LIGA celebration 🎉🎉🎉

Ramos: oh! You have a video? Great, record the Champions League final for me, I won’t be able to watch it because I have work ✌


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GD's like the hubby wondering why his wifey purchased waffle cert. out of anything, Riri's the indignant wifey cutely defending his purchase w/ the questionable reasoning('I love waffles!' Just too cute😆!)n that's how GRi's finance work I guess: GD the main money-maker, Riri the speculative little panda on investment spree-even on the weird ones😆. Oh, n sometimes stealing hubby's blackcard too- likely when he overspent the fixed monthly budget so hubby's card needed to balance it out 😁.

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GD needs to let Seungri live, he knows what he’s doing.

This should honestly be shown to every single person in the phandom. As quite a new member, I feel as if I can’t directly express myself as one in the phandom, because as we are loved, we are also hated. We spam shit too much, for example, the new term “PROTIP” is getting annoying now, and I honestly thought that it would die down after April fools. But it didn’t, sadly. Also, in every single video where Dan and Phil are in the thumbnail, theres always someone commenting “ayy, phandom,where you at” or something along those lines. Also, people made a huge fit about Hazel calling Phil babe, and she even had to tweet about it.. Chill your tits phangirls, hazel is already taken. But seriously, the phandom needs to calm down. Its not just hurting other YouTubers, its hurting Dan and Phil


     Tracing the history of black projects is a difficult art. It’s a simple fact that the vast majority of programs operated out of Area 51 will never be publicly known. Once the engineers and technicians who worked on a project have passed, all of whom are sworn to secrecy, their stories will be irrevocably lost to history. In the interest of national security, this is the way it should be, but this is a difficult pill to swallow for some aviation historians.

   The Lockheed D-21 reconnaissance drone still holds many mysteries, unlike its Blackbird mother ship, which is almost completely declassified. One such mystery lies in the serial number of D-21B #539, or so it is called by the National Air Force Museum who owns it. The tail shows #528, which is very peculiar because #528 is known to be on display at Grissom Air Museum in Peru, Indiana. Some sources say that this is actually ship #502, but conflicting sources indicate that #502 was a static test article destroyed in a ground test. To further complicate things, there were only 38 D-21 airframes made, so how could there possibly be a #539?

   Some things will never be known, and that is what makes things intriguing. We will always be searching for that one scrap of evidence that answers all of our questions. That scrap may never arrive, but we learn a great deal in searching. The pursuit is better than the arrest. Until there is substantial evidence one way or another, this airframe will remain listed on Project Habu as the mysterious “#539”, on display at Beale Air Force Base, California.

   For more information about the elegant D-21 reconnaissance drone, visit my previous article (click here to view).

Black Sheep Part 6

Rolling my eyes at the sight of my father’s name on my phone screen, I actually thought about ignoring him. After what Jacob had done to me, I wondered if my father had approved it. Knowing Jacob Sr., he’d keep calling until I answered. “Hello, this is Dr. Hale.”

“Jacob really needs your help to win the election, having you associate with those scummy bikers won’t help him.”

Shutting the bathroom door, so no one can hear me, I let my father have it. “Did Jr, tell you he beat the hell out of me last night?”

“Don’t be ridiculous, your brother would never do such a thing?”

“Of course not! He would never get his hands dirty, he’d hire someone to do it for him. SAMCRO keeps this town safe father, they do things that law enforcement can’t. It would be ashame if they found out Jr, had some one beat the hell out of me. And what would Davey think?” I ended the call, walking out into the bedroom, I threw my phone on the bed.

Sinking down to the floor, I let out a frustrated scream. Forgetting I wasn’t alone, my bedroom door swung open, Happy was standing in the door with his gun drawn. “What the hell?

“Sorry, I just talked to  my dad…” I couldn’t begin to tell him my history with my family. The years of hurt, and disappointment that I’ve endured, maybe I should have stayed in Chicago.

He sat down with me on the floor. “What did he say to you?”

“Just typical Jacob Sr. shit. I’m an embarrassment to the family name, that I should help Jr, when the election….”

“How are you an embarrassment? You’re a doctor, they should be proud of you!”

I smile sadly at him. “I’ve been the black sheep of the family for as long as I can remember. My parents sent me to an all girls boarding school in Chicago during my freshmen year in high school, after I and a few others got busted for a stupid school prank. I wasn’t allowed to come home for holidays or breaks.”

“What the hell? What about your ma?”

“She did whatever Sr., told her to do. One of my teacher’s at the boarding school took me in as her own. I paid for my own way through medical school.”

I felt his hands touch my body, looking at me, he leaned in kissing me. “What about your brothers?”

“Jr., has always hated me, taken on our parent’s opinion of me, but Davey and I were close. Even when I left for school, we manged to stay in touch.”

“Why did you come back?” 

“I has hoping that being a doctor, would make them proud, but some how I’m still a disappointment.”  Hearing my phone ringing again, I decided to ignore it, I leaned in, my lips covering Happy’s. I felt him pull me on top of him, if I was going to be considered the black sheep of the family, I might as well as go big.


The peal of the doorbell, interrupted my plans, pulling away, Happy stood up, with me still wrapped around his body. Sitting my feet down on the floor, his hands cupped my face.

“Stay here!” I watched as he left the room. My phone started ringing again, picking it up, I frowned at Jacob’s name.

“What the hell?”

“Didn’t you lean your lesson?” I heard Happy yell from the other room, hanging up on my brother. I called Gemma, telling her I didn’t know what was happening, but Happy needed help.

The house started to fill with smoke, leaving my room, I found Happy laying in the floor unconscious. Going to the front door, I tried to open it, it wouldn’t budge.

Going to the garage, I could see the smoke was coming from there, the back door wouldn’t budge either. Picking up a kitchen chair, I threw it through the picture window in the living room.

My body screamed in pain, grabbing the blanket off the back of the couch, I padded the window sill. Going to Happy, I started to drag his body towards the window.

I could see the flames hitting the kitchen, the fire alarms were going off, I saw a bike pulling up at the curb. I pull Happy up to the window, seeing Jax and Opie running towards the house, the reached in, grabbing him. Running towards the street, that’s the last thing I remember seeing.

“this point ain’t big enough for the two of us”

lmfao sure McCree.  There’s four people standing on the point, but yeah sure it can’t handle the two of us okay.

step off i’m not playing quick draw with you

that aside… i can’t believe this, the first serious paint job i do in literal years and I spend all this effort on Jesse “nerd cowboy” McCree

he’s not even my favourite overwatch character i should have put this effort into drawing Hanzo i’m so mad

also i worked way too hard on his face and gave up for the rest of it lmfao i hate painting