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Rundown of the scoring system.

Now, some people are a bit confused on the rating scale, so I thought I’d do a rundown of all of the scores from zero to seven.

The lowest of the lows. If you see this score attached to a game, avoid like the fuckin’ plague. This is where I would put The War Z. IF IT WERE AVAILABLE TO REVIEW.

These games have so many flaws, if there were any good elements…. you would barely notice. This is where I’d put something like SimCity Societies. Piece a'shit.

These games are bad, but they’re at least playable… or, ya know, a GAME. They have some redeeming qualities, but there are some glaring flaws. I’d put something like Sonic 2006 here.

So this game is teetering on the edge between bad and good. It’s got more negative traits than positive, but it’s kinda meh. You can play it, you can get a kick outta it. I’d put something like Faerie Solitare here.

This game’s also teetering on the edge between bad and good, but it’s got more positive traits than negative. It’s still kinda meh, but it’s more playable. Fable III has this score.

Now we start getting to the good games. Obviously. These games are good, but do have some problems with them. I put Grand Theft Auto IV here. (Fuck that fucking relationship mechanic.)

Oh, sweet genius. These are near the zenith of awesome gaming. They have a few flaws, but those flaws only bug you 5% of the time. This is where Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri would go.

As close as you can be to perfection. No game is perfect, but the few that come close… my god. You need to play any game I give a 7. Serious Sam 3 is one of those games.

And that’s basically my review system. I don’t do a scale of 5 because you can’t really be flexable with a scale of 5, and a scale of ten, while the traditional method, just gets abused by everyone except GamesRadar and Destructoid. And don’t get me started on halves or decimals or scales of 100. A scale of 7 works PERFECTLY. 4 good, 4 bad. :D


I’m not ready to give Sims 3 plus all it’s expansions a score yet, since there’s just so much fucking content I have to go through. This will be up to Seasons, I probably won’t have a review copy of University Life when it comes out, because I’m a fictional character being written by an unproven game nut.

Anyway, impressions: I still kinda hold my argument from when Sims 3 came out. The Expansions Pets, Seasons, University, and Supernatural to a LESSER extent should have been in the base game. I know EA wants to make money, but I’d rather have the stuff from the previous expansions of the previous game in the base game of the sequel. Just saying.

That being said… it’s the Sims. I was a fan of the first Sims back in 1999. I’m still a big fan now. The stuff they keep adding that hasn’t been in a Sims game before continues to give me hope that ONE DAY, EA and Maxis will realize “Hey, for Sims 4… let’s put all this stuff in the BASE game, and be a hell of a lot more creative with the expansions!” I don’t have that high of a hope, but… please. For Sims fans who want awesome, not rehashing. You did good with Supernatural and Seasons so far. Keep it up. Hell, the Pets expansion is actually quite well done, better than Sims 2 Pets, I gotta say that.

One of my major gripes, though, is the lack of support for previous content. Sunset Valley continuously gets more stuff added to it so less and less empty lots become available for purchase. It annoys me like boy and girl groups annoy Eminem. That’s really the biggest gripe though.

Anyway, I do have an idea of what my score will be, and it will be on the “good” side of the scale. Just not a 7. XD