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“You’re still the prettiest girl I know”-SR

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Imagine: It isn’t ofter you get ill, it’s kinda not in the job desciption of being Avenger, no time and all. But when you do, it hits hard. Good thing the Captain is there to look after you.

A/N: Sorry guys, I know it’s late and I already let down my goal. But last week I was ill and that’s how I got this idea from

Pairing: Reader x Steve Rogers

Word Count: 626

Warnings: noneeeeeee

“Hmmmmm” Emits from your mouth as you bury yourself back into your deep dark pit that most called your bed. You were awoken with a scratchy throat, raw nose and a head that felt like it was going to spin off your shoulders. Great.

“JARVIS, tell the team that I can’t make it out on today’s mission” You croaked out, causing you into a spluttering fit of coughs.

“Should I alert Captain Rogers of your health?” Jarvis called out, you swore you almost heard the teasing in his voice.

“God no” Even if you wouldn’t admit you sudden liking to that man, it seemed that everyone else in the tower had, including JARVIS. However, you couldn’t think of anything worse than your captain, that perfect, beautiful man to see you like, well like this. 

To calm down your raging throat, you -very bravely- made your way into the kitchen to make yourself some hot chocolate. Praying that all the team were out on that mission.

But just to your damn luck, you were met with Steve himself sitting at the counter reading his newspaper accompanied by some coffee. Panic struck you, so quickly and quietly you tried your best to back away. Unfortunately, the blanket that you were engulfed in got tangled beneath your feet, causing you to dramatically fall to the fall with a screech escaping your lips. Obviously sending you into, yet again, a fit of cougher.

“Y/N, are you alright?” Steve’s voice rang out, as he rushed to help you up and place you upon the seat he was once at. Calming yourself down and burying your face into the blanket, you answered

“Yeah yeah, just a little sick”

“Man you sound terrible” He admitted

“Jeez thanks Cap” You tried to joke, but the dizziness of your head was now causing you to feel slightly nauseous.

“Oh man, I didn’t mean it like that, I am sorry” Steve was quick to apologies 

“No don’t worry, I can’t even begin to imagine how bad I look right now” You admitted, trying to make him feel less bad. “Anyway, why aren’t you out on a mission?” 

“Oh well, when you pulled out I knew there was something wrong, so I wanted to stay behind and make sure you are alright” He confessed, cheeks darkening

“Thanks Cap, not alright but there’s nothing you can do about it” You explained, whilst letting out a small groan at the pain of your headache.

“Well I wouldn’t say nothing, you go back to bed and I’ll sort something out for you” He ushered you back to your room then scuttled off down the hall.

Crawling back into your pit, you got yourself cozy and already began to doze off back to sleep.

“Y/N” Steve’s melodic voice murmured in your ear to wake you.

“Hmmm?” You hummed back, not ready to open your eyes.

“I got you some medicine to take, a hot drink and a hot water bottle” He was quick to put the hot drink down hand you the water bottle and spoon out the medicine for you to take.

“Thanks Steve” You muttered, the medicine already making you tired

“No problem, can’t let my best girl down” He replied, leaning down to place a comforting kiss on your forehead.

“Will you stay?” You rather bravely asked, just wanting to fall into the best sleep ever.

“Of course Y/N” Steve climbed into your bed and wrapped his arms around you, pulled your head close to his chest so you could listen to his heart beat.

“Oh Y/N?” 


“You are still the prettiest girl I know” He confessed. With that a deep blush fell upon your cheeks before falling into the best sleep you ever had.

Trans Positivity

Ok guys, I would like to clear up a bit of things about being trans. Just because you are trans, does not mean you need to fit stereotypes!

You are still a trans woman even if…
•you don’t wear makeup
•you like sports
•you don’t pass as female
•you dress like a tomboy
•you like girls
•you have short hair
•you are not on hormones
•you don’t want SRS

You are still a trans man even if…
•you love makeup
•you have long hair
•you are an artist
•you don’t like sports
•you don’t bind
•you like boys
•you don’t pass as male
•you are not on hormones
•you don’t want SRS

You are still genderfluid/androgynous/demi/etc even if…
•you are ok with any pronouns
•You dress more masculine/feminine
•you are on hormones
•you have top surgery

You are not trans if…
•you identify as the same gender that matches your birth gender
•you don’t identify as trans

Illustration by みっこさん for the release of Switching?! 2nd! Volume 01
, and the upcoming sequel volumes for Ayumu and Yuu! ( • ▽ • )

Andy Kaufman’s t-shirt and World Intergender Wrestling Championship

In 1982, Hollywood actor and television star Andy Kaufman was dazzled by professional wrestling and decided to make a career change by entering into the world himself. Kaufman contacted WWF owner Vince McMahon Sr. about joining the company, but McMahon Sr. wasn’t interested in bringing “show business” into pro wrestling. After starting a friendship with wrestling reporter/photographer Bill Apter and expressing interest in the business, Apter got in contact with Jerry Lawler about Kaufman coming to Memphis to start his new endeavor.

Once in Memphis, Kaufman became one of the most hated heels in professional wrestling history. He would come to the ring wearing long johns with basketball shorts over them and would challenge women in the crowd to a match, then would spend the duration of the match embarrassing them before finally pinning them. This led to Kaufman eventually claiming he was the World Intergender Wrestling Champion. This of course drew the ire of Memphis favorite Jerry Lawler, who attacked Kaufman on an episode of Late Night with David Letterman. Lawler delivered a piledriver to Kaufman in one of the most famous moments in wrestling history, leading to Kaufman sporting a neckbrace for several months afterward until his wrestling career came to an end.

When Kaufman passed away in 1984, it was revealed by his wife Lynne Margulies that Andy never cashed any of the checks for his time in Memphis. He never did it for the money. He just loved professional wrestling.