sr smith


Rectify (2013-2016), 4 seasons, 30 episodes

“I’m not sure what to make of this drastic change of course in my life. I’m certainly not against it”

Rectify has consistently been one of the best shows on TV since it began airing in April 2013. It is also a show with ratings so small that finding other people who watch is always a struggle. Yet those who have given their time to seek out this series know how special it is. This is not a show based on big action scenes or twists intended to lure in audiences. This is a story about one man, one night 19 years previously and the ongoing repercussions. It is about moving on and finding purpose. It is about faith, forgiveness, justice, humanity, the very nature of who we are.  It is truly an unique show. I am going to miss it so much.

Children, settle!

The center portion of this may look familiar to some of you. I thought to do a redraw using the old pic Deo drew as the base and then expand on it to include all the new guards.


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The Kennedys were shaped by their culture, the Kennedys were shaped by their religion, and for them that meant embracing the crowd. They were part of the fabric of the city.” - Chris Kennedy

Los signos como peliculas
  • Aries: los juegos del hambre
  • Tauro: ramona y su hermana
  • Géminis: sr y sra smith
  • Cáncer: debajo de la misma estrella
  • Leo: mujer bonita
  • Virgo: amelie
  • Libra: el diablo viste a la moda
  • Escorpio: 3 metros sobre el cielo
  • Sagitario: paper towns
  • Capricornio: avengers
  • Acuario: harry potter
  • Piscis: hachiko